The 11 Best Documentaries About Homesteading

Aug 3, 2023 | Best Of, Lifestyle

Are you looking for the best documentaries about homesteading? Look no further! This comprehensive guide covers all of the must-see films that explore every aspect of this simple and sustainable lifestyle. From the history of homesteading to its current resurgence in popularity, these documentaries will provide an insightful look into this growing movement and how it affects modern society.


1. Modern Homesteading

Are you ready to meet the Canadians embracing a different kind of home? From living off the grid, to transforming an old school bus into a tiny home, these people are choosing lifestyles that bring them closer to nature and simplicity. Learn about the motivations behind their unique decisions, and what it takes for them to succeed in such a life-altering endeavor.


2. Our 10-Acre Survival Homestead

We got ready for the new year, thinking only of grand possibilities. What we didn’t know was 2020 would bring us so much more than expected. Unbeknownst to us, just over the horizon a virus was spreading in China. Before long, lockdowns were appearing around the world and soon enough it was America’s turn.


3. Homesteading

This is the story of homesteaders—the brave pioneers who left their homes behind to start anew, navigating life’s hardships and successes in order to make a better future. Blending interviews with historians, dramatic readings from letters and diaries from those that came before us, and stories passed down through generations.


4. 2 YEARS Living Off-Grid on a Sustainable Homestead in a Self-Built Cob Home

Bryce and Misty have been living off the grid for over a decade, and homesteading on their cob home. They use bicycles for transportation, and plan to get two horses to pull a cart in the future. Their food production includes permaculture food forests, chinampa-inspired wetland gardens, cows and bulls for milk, ducks and chickens for eggs.


5. Homesteading Couple Hasn’t Bought Groceries in a Year of Self-Sufficient Living

Chris and Stef are living the self-sufficient life on a small 1/2 acre homestead. Last year, they decided to take it up a notch and not buy any groceries for an entire year – that’s right, no sugar, coffee, flour or salt! They’ve been growing, catching, raising and harvesting their own food supply in order to make it possible.


6. HOW WE HOMESTEAD with 3 YOUNG KIDS and 1 on the way!

As a mom of young kids, I know how daunting it can be to take on the challenge of homesteading with your family. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! In order to help you get started and stay motivated during this season of life, here are some helpful tips that I’ve picked up over the years.


7. Homestead Paradise: got barren land, boosted it at a profit

Mark and Jen Shepard began their homesteading journey in the early 90s when they bought a neglected corn field in Viola, Wisconsin. After 8 years of homesteading in Alaska where they had to learn which trees, shrubs, bushes and vines could provide them with food due to low-paying jobs, they settled in Wisconsin.


8. Arctic Homestead

Jenna and David Jonas share a unique story of living off the land. After spending most of their lives in wilderness settings, they discovered an ad for private land surrounded by state forest on a bluff above the Tanana River and saw potential for year-round food sources. As young adults they decided to buy the raw land – Jenna with her experience exploring Alaska.


9. 9 Years of “Simple Living” Building a Homestead Paradise

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Do you dream of having your own little slice of paradise? Then homesteading is for you. Imagine a life rooted in sustainability, surrounded by nature and away from modern noise and stress. Joel has been living this reality for nine years now, his only regret is not making the move sooner.


10. Sun River Homestead

Esther Strasburger and her sisters took up the challenge of the Homestead Act of 1862. Leaving their lives behind, they moved to Simms, Montana in 1910 – ready for a new adventure. SUN RIVER HOMESTEAD is a documentary that portrays their story and legacy, showing how these brave women claimed the West as their own.


11. Homesteading with a full time job!

Do you ever wonder how homesteaders balance their work and home life? I’m here to show you how it’s done! Each day, I’ll provide a timeline and overview of the tasks that need to be completed. From planning out chores to making time for family activities, I’ll walk you through all the steps in achieving a balanced lifestyle.


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