The 11 Best Documentaries About Farming

Jul 25, 2023 | Best Of, Culture

The vital role of farming in our lives and the world today is often overlooked, but documentaries provide a unique opportunity to explore all facets of this important industry. From providing food for families to revealing social issues that have yet to be addressed, these films can open up conversations about how we interact with nature and each other. Here are some documentaries that shine a light on the complex topic of farming.


1. A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity

Do you want to learn about a simpler way of living? This documentary follows the journey of an Australian community who are exploring and demonstrating how to live life with less. Watch as they build tiny houses, plant vegetable gardens, practice permaculture principles and discover ways to build stronger communities. Learn from their experiences and be inspired by this unique group of people!


2. The Private Life Of Cows

Jimmy Doherty embarks on a journey to uncover the hidden lives of farmyard animals. He visits a farm in Devon, England and discovers more about cows than he ever expected. From understanding how they work out who is the boss, to why they are so sensitive to sudden movement – Jimmy tries to find answers by asking questions that have been left unanswered for centuries. But what’s even more shocking? 1,000 people have been injured by cows in just ten years alone! Watch this documentary and learn all there is to know about these mysterious creatures!


3, License to Farm

This documentary dives into the complex world of modern farming. It examines how science, sustainability and food safety all intertwine to shape agriculture today. We follow a farmer’s story that starts with an arrest for alleged illegal pesticide use and evolves into a controversy that cost him his farm and changed other farmers’ lives forever. From this perspective, License to Farm sheds light on the impact of policy decisions in our everyday life – showing us what is at stake when we talk about farming in the 21st century.


4. Drones, robots, and super sperm – the future of farming

As the world of agriculture evolves, digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in how farmers produce food. This documentary explores the cutting-edge advances that are transforming farming, such as driverless tractors, drones and robots. We will learn about “smart farming” and see how German farmers are using digital solutions to remain competitive within a global market economy while still providing high-quality products for customers. Get ready to discover how technological advancements could shape the future of agriculture!


5. Can Farmers Grow Money?Can Farmers Grow Money?

Do you want to know what the top priorities are when it comes to discussing the common agricultural policy? Are you curious about how farming can become more sustainable while still providing animal welfare and other services? Then this documentary is for you! We uncover close ties between politicians from Berlin and big agricultural conglomerates, as well as explore current debates on farming at EU level. Watch our exclusive report and learn all there is to know about how money can be grown by farmers!


6. Farmer’s Journey: One Year in the Life of an American Grower

Follow the journey of an American farmer as he works to bring a crop to harvest in 2021. Jerry Seuntjens, a fourth-generation grower, takes you on a tour of his corn and soybean farm and reveals what it takes for successful farming. Watch this special documentary film to gain insight into the life of a dedicated farmer whose hard work gives us sustenance year after year.


7. AGRICULTURAL MACHINES – Field Giants in Action

Do you want to see the power of modern agricultural machinery in action? From harvesting beet and potatoes, to tractors weighing tons and high-horsepower foragers, German made agriculture technology is at the forefront of the world market. In this video we take a look around the Agritechnica fair in Hanover as well as a harvesting mission in Western Pomerania so you can witness firsthand how these XXL machines are put into use. We’ll also show you all the effort that goes into transporting these powerful giants!


8. When food becomes scarce – high-tech farms of the future

Are you worried about meeting global food demand in the future? High-tech farms are the answer! In this video, you will learn how modern technology is being used to grow vegetables without soil and pesticides. We’ll also take a look at how these high-tech farms have been exported around the world, from Japan to Dubai and other Asian megacities. Get ready for an in-depth exploration into the fascinating world of high-tech farming!


9. Fresh Farm: Farmer and Businesswoman in Zimbabwe

Nomaliso Musasiwa is an inspiring entrepreneur and farmer who has taken it upon herself to tackle Zimbabwe’s food challenges. Through her Fresh Farm business, she works hard to ensure that communities have access to healthy, affordable food. In this video, we follow Nomaliso as she takes us through the process of running a successful farm and business in Zimbabwe. See how one determined woman is making a difference!


10. Factory farming, animal welfare and the future of modern agriculture

We all know that factory farming is a mainstay of modern agriculture. But what are the implications? This documentary takes an in-depth look at animal welfare, revealing three very different perspectives on this complex issue. Pig farmer Dirk Nienhaus gives us a rare glimpse into his high-tech facility and reflects on whether or not his pigs are suffering. Friedrich Mülln of SOKO Tierschutz reveals some shocking footage taken from secret night raids while Anja Hradetzky questions the limits of the system as she strives to harmonize livestock farming with animal wellbeing.


11. Tipping Point: Agriculture on the brink

As the global population continues to rise, the need for sustainable food production is becoming increasingly important. In this documentary, we explore the tipping point of agriculture and how it can affect our environment. Learn about how human-caused emissions are impacting our planet’s health, and what measures can be taken to ensure a safe future for all. Uncovering groundbreaking research from the United Nations, this video will provide a comprehensive look at food production today and its implications on tomorrow.

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