The 11 Best Documentaries About Colombia

Jul 28, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

From its stunning landscapes to its vibrant culture, Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in Latin America. Yet beneath its surface lies a complex history and an ongoing struggle with poverty and drug trafficking. To get a better understanding of this fascinating nation, explore these documentaries about Colombia that delve into the country’s culture, politics, and more. From exploring Colombian cities and learning about their peoples’ struggles to getting an inside look at the drug cartels that have so heavily impacted the nation, these documentaries provide invaluable insight into all aspects of Colombian life.


1. History of Colombia

Explore the history of Colombia, a country that has struggled to gain its independence from Spanish rule. In this documentary, we will take you on a journey through time starting with the arrival of Pedro de Heredia in 1524 all the way to their final success in gaining independence as an integral part of Gran Colombia in 1886. Learn about the struggles and triumphs along the way as Colombians fought for their freedom!

2. Exploring Colombia

Join us on an exciting journey to the captivating country of Colombia! From the bustling cities to the picturesque countryside, this documentary is a full exploration of all that Colombia has to offer. Enjoy stunning footage and get a glimpse into Colombian culture as experienced by an American traveler. Immerse yourself in one of South America’s most vibrant countries and let it take your breath away.


3. Pablo Escobar, Medellin Cartel: El Patron

Pablo Escobar, the notorious drug lord from Colombia, was one of the most powerful and dangerous criminals in history. His Medellin Cartel made billions of dollars by trafficking drugs such as cocaine and heroin. He gained notoriety for his ruthless tactics, which included assassinating rivals and even journalists who wrote negative articles about him. With a $25 million bounty on his head for years, he managed to evade capture until 1993 when he was finally killed in a shootout with police forces. This video documentary recounts Pablo’s rise to fame as well as his eventual downfall through interviews with people close to him, archival footage and other visuals that bring this story to life. Get an inside look at Pablo’s reign over Colombia during the Drug War era!


4. Colombia: The long road to peace after the civil war

Colombia has been in a state of civil war for more than five decades. Despite the signing of a historic peace agreement between FARC guerrillas and the government, social inequality remains an issue in Colombia. This documentary tells the story of how six million people were made homeless due to this conflict, and how student demonstrations finally led to a new peace treaty being signed in 2016. Through interviews with those affected by this long-standing conflict, we can gain insight into what it means to live through such devastation, as well as what hope there is for lasting peace after all these years. Watch our documentary on Colombia: The Long Road To Peace After The Civil War – and learn about one of the most important events in Colombian history!


5. Colombia: The Warmth of a Smile

Take a journey through Colombia and explore the culture, beauty, and warmth of its people. From Bogotá to Popayán, from Cali to Medellín and Cartagena – this documentary will take you on an unforgettable road trip! Discover stunning landscapes as well as cities like Ciudad Perdida (the Lost City). Along the way, learn about the social issues that have been reported by media but not necessarily experienced first-hand. Get up close with locals and experience the true spirit of Colombia.


6. Deadliest Roads – Colombia/Venezuela

Take a trip to the most dangerous border in South America. The ever-uncontrollable 2200km stretch between Colombia and Venezuela is home to petrol smugglers who risk their lives for a chance at making money. Every day, they cross the border on foot, lugging 50-litre tanks of fuel with them that they’ve purchased from Venezuela at an incredibly low price. They then re-sell it at thirty times the price in Columbia! Cameras are now able to capture footage of these brave smugglers risking everything for a chance to make some quick cash – but will they be welcomed by Venezuelan military? Watch this video and find out!


7. Colombia: After the Guerrillas and Trafficking, a New Scourge to Fight

Colombia is home to the second richest biodiversity in the world, but it’s currently being threatened by illegal deforestation. This video explores how Colombia is fighting back against this growing problem through armed combat, education and more. Viewers will gain an understanding of why preserving the country’s flora and fauna is so important, as well as learning about the devastating impact that deforestation has had on Colombia’s unique ecosystem. Join us for a journey into Colombia’s fight against illegal logging and discover what can be done to protect its precious environment!


8. No-Go Zones – World’s Toughest Places

Welcome to Santa Fe, a district in Bogota that is known for its darkness and danger. Here, gangs, pimps, addicts and homeless people are all part of the landscape – a place where anything can happen if you’re not careful. This documentary will take you into the no-go zone of Santa Fe, revealing the violence, drugs and prostitution that drive this area’s economy. Discover how these criminals operate their businesses without remorse or fear while those who live here struggle to survive in an environment with little hope for change. Join us on our journey as we explore one of the world’s toughest places – The No-Go Zone of Santa Fe!


9. The Pink Cocaine Wave

The drug trade in Colombia has taken a strange and unexpected turn. In the elite clubs of Medellin, people are snorting pink “cocaine,” better known as “tucibi.” But this isn’t just a trend among club-goers – it’s also become popular among cartel queens who run the underworld. In this documentary, explore how this new wave of drugs has infiltrated Colombian culture and examine its implications for the future.


10. Your Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Colombia

Are you ready to explore the beauty of Colombia? In this video, we’ll take you on a journey through Colombia’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. We will provide you with expert advice about backpacking in this country, including how to find great deals and stay safe. From the Amazon rainforest to Caribbean beaches, let us show you an unforgettable trip!


11. Venezuela. How People Live in World’s Most Criminal Country

Welcome to Venezuela, the most oil-rich country in the world. Despite its riches, Caracas is home to one of the most dangerous places on Earth – Petare bario. On any given day, up to 100 people can be lost due to violence and crime. That’s an average of one person every 20 minutes! In this video we explore how Venezuelans live in such a hostile environment and see what it takes for them to survive each day.

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