The 11 Best Documentaries About British Gangsters

Jul 10, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

The UK has seen an increase of gang-related crime in recent years. But before you get too alarmed about this, it’s worth understanding that not all gangs are the same. Just like any criminal organization, there are degrees of seriousness among different gangs. Some just commit small crimes like extortion or drug dealing, while others are more involved in organized crime like theft and violence. The best way to deal with this topic is by educating yourself on how these groups work and how they interact with one another in order to keep your city safe!The UK has seen an increase in gangs and gang-related crime over the years. But what exactly does this mean? How do these groups function, and how can we protect our cities from them? To get a better understanding of British Gangsters, let’s explore some of the best documentaries out there that look into this dark world. From stories about individual criminals to investigations into organized crime networks, these films provide insight into the lives of those who have chosen a life of violence and lawlessness. Get ready to dive deep as we take you through some of the most gripping tales on offer!


British Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld (2012)

Villains, gangsters or faces – these are the notorious individuals who have captured our imaginations with their larger-than-life personalities and their ruthless acts. They have been the subject of countless books, movies and documentaries, each one trying to uncover the truth behind their crimes and their motivations.




The End: British Gangsters (2010)

Experience the gritty underworld of East End London through the eyes of Nicola Collins as she delves into her father’s notorious past. This gripping documentary follows the lives of infamous gangsters and their criminal entourage, giving insight into a world few have seen.






Gangster Number One: The Freddie Forman Story (2019)

Freddie Foreman, a name that echoes through the annals of London’s criminal history. Revered as the Godfather of the underworld, his mere mention is enough to send shivers down even the toughest criminal’s spine. His legacy spans over half a century, with whispers of his involvement in countless unsolved murders haunting the city to this day.







The Best Free Documentaries About British Gangsters

1. Gangland Britain: Who Are The Top Dogs Now?

This documentary series examines the history of British gangsters and investigates current crimes. It aims to answer who, in the past and today, has run Britain’s underworld. The show also explores how they maintain power and profit in their activities (or don’t). This documentary series takes an in-depth look at the history of British gangsters and their current activities. It examines how these criminals have managed to stay powerful and profitable over the years, as well as who is currently running Britain’s underworld. Get a unique insight into this dark world and learn about its hidden power structures.


2. Britain’s Most Notorious Gangsters: London’s Nefarious Underbelly

Gary and Martin Kemp take us on a tour of Britain’s criminal underworld. They show the viewer all aspects of it, from its origins to present day. Throughout their investigations, they visit different British cities in order to better understand what life is like for people who are living with crime on a daily basis…and what it’s like to be on the wrong side of the law. They talk to gang members, victims and police officers who have been involved in some capacity with Britain’s criminal underworld. The movie provides an eye-opening look into a world that rarely ever sees the light of day. It’s a must-see for anyone wanting to understand more about Britain’s seedy underbelly, and how crime can shape both individuals and entire communities.


3. UK’s Most Dangerous Debt Collector

This is just one of many films that explore the lives of British gangsters.


4. Who Are The Real Peaky Blinders?

An absolutely essential watch for all those true crime fans out there, about the Real Peaky Blinders !


5. Gangs Of Britain: Glasgow

The documentary also explores the impact that gang violence has had upon Glasgow over the years, how rival gangs would battle for control and resources, and how some of these groups eventually became major organised crime outfits operating across Britain. Through a combination of on-the-ground research as well as talking to those involved in this fascinating subculture, this documentary paints a vivid picture of life within one of Britain’s most notorious gangs. It is essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding more about gangland culture in the UK.


6. Gangs Of Britain: Liverpool

This film explores how the gang rose to power and what ultimately led to its downfall. It looks at wider issues such as poverty, politics and identity that affected their story. The documentary also features interviews with former members who offer an inside perspective on life within this notorious gang. Other great documentaries about British Gangsters include “Ganglands: Britain’s Underworld”, which tells the stories of some of England’s most infamous criminal empires.


7. Britain’s Most Notorious Gangs

Join us on this ‘Gangs Of Britain’ marathon as Gary and Martin Kemp take the viewer on an immersive journey across the UK in which they reveal who ran and who now runs gangland Britain. From the notorious Krays and Richardsons of the East End to the current rise in turf wars between rival gangs across our cities, they cover it all. Along with interviews with some of Britain’s best-known gangsters, victims and their families, this powerful documentary series explores what it takes to become a successful gangster and why they have such an enduring presence on British streets. Be prepared to witness never-before seen footage from inside the crime underworld as well as insight from both sides of the law.


8. How I Became One Of Glasgow’s Most Feared Gangsters

As a former bouncer and bodyguard to some of the UK’s most notorious gangsters, Bernard has been around the block more than a few times. He first gained notoriety in 1996 after publishing his memoirs about life as a security man in Essex, entitled “Essex Boys: The Major Crimes Unit”. This gave him major insight into what goes on behind closed doors when it comes to organized criminal activity. It was this knowledge that later helped launch him into his career as a crime author and documentary maker.


9. British Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld

Absolute Crime brings you a collection of riveting documentaries about British gangsters. From the 12th Century troubles between Britain and Ireland to prison stories, this channel has it all! Watch the 11 best documentaries about these notorious criminals and get an inside look into their lives. Subscribe now for your weekly dose of crime shows, serial killers, thieves and more!


10. Freddie Foreman: The Terrifying British Godfathe

Meet Freddie Foreman, the British Godfather of crime. In this documentary, he shares his remarkable story of how he became involved in London’s criminal underworld and reveals the details behind some of its most notorious unsolved gangland murders. From shootouts to double crossings and betrayals – experience it all as you uncover what has made him ‘Gangster No. 1’.


11. Manchester’s ‘Mr Big’: Secrets From A Northern Crime Boss

From the Manchester’s ‘Mr Big’ to Jimmy ‘The Weed’ Donnelly, this series uncovers the secrets of Britain’s criminal underworld. Get an in-depth look at some of the most notorious gangsters from Arthur Donnelly and Sean Keating to Bernard O’Mahoney, Wayne Barker, David Fraser and Christopher Brayford. Paul Massey, known as Mr Big in Manchester is interviewed for a fascinating insight into life on the other side of the law. Don’t miss this gripping documentary about British gangsters!

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