The 10 Best Documentaries About Ulysses Grant

Oct 22, 2023 | Best Of, History, Political

If you’re a fan of history, then you know the name Ulysses S Grant. The Civil War General is an iconic figure in United States history and he’s also the subject of some amazing documentaries. Whether you’re looking to learn more about this classic American hero or just want to watch some great films, these 10 documentaries about Ulysses Grant are sure to keep you entertained.


1. Ulysses S. Grant – Civil War General & President Documentary

Discover the incredible story of Ulysses S. Grant, the commanding general during the American Civil War and later President of the United States, in this captivating documentary. This film explores Grant’s remarkable life and career from his early days as a lieutenant to his presidency from 1869-1877.


2. American Experience: Ulysses S. Grant

American Experience: Ulysses S. Grant is a story like no other; it is the epic tale of an individual’s drive to succeed, no matter the obstacles in his way. Born into poverty and obscurity, Ulysses Grant rose to become one of the most successful military commanders in history and later served two terms as President of the United States.


3. Times History Channel’s Grant Lied To You

The 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, has become known in recent years for his tremendous accomplishments during the Civil War and tenure as president. The History Channel miniseries titled ‘Grant’ gives a more positive portrayal of this great man that many may not be aware of.


4. Ulysses S Grant

Was Grant a Butcher? The common narrative until recently has been that Ulysses Grant was the epitome of a ruthless war leader, but this characterization is wildly inaccurate. In fact, Grant had a remarkable talent for looking after his men and did so with great compassion.


5. Leadership, Life, and Legacy of Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant was a remarkable leader, considered to be one of the greatest American figures alongside George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. He gained an impressive reputation as a Civil War battlefield commander, and later used his position as president to fight for equal rights in post-Civil War America. His campaign against the Ku Klux Klan has made his name even more renowned.


6. The Life Of Ulysses S. Grant

A new series is shedding light on the life of Ulysses S. Grant – one of America’s most influential and important presidents. This in-depth look at his incredible life tells a remarkable story that spans decades, from the battlefield to The White House.


7. Strategy, Statecraft, and Character in Ulysses S. Grant’s Civil War Memoir

As one of the most celebrated generals in history, Ulysses S. Grant’s story is filled with strategic insight and a character that has captivated audiences for centuries. In his memoirs, Grant invites readers to explore the never-ending battle between military action and political objectives.


8. Ulysses S. Grant and Reconstruction

The infamous Ulysses S. Grant was a fascinating figure in American history, leading the United States to victory during the Civil War and serving two terms as President of the United States. But even after his success on the battlefield and in politics, he still faced obstacles during Reconstruction that shaped his legacy.


9. Ulysses S. Grant’s Remington Revolvers

Ulysses S. Grant is a giant in American history, with his Remington revolvers representing the pinnacle of 19th-century firearm engineering and craftsmanship. His pair of cased Remingtons are a National treasure, rivaling artifacts such as Abraham Lincoln’s iconic Henry rifle and George Washington’s flintlocks.


10. Ulysses S Grant in the Mexican-American War

Ulysses S Grant was a man of humble beginnings, but his legacy would reverberate across the United States for generations. As the son of a tanner, Grant’s story is one of inspiration and courage as he rose up through the ranks to become a hero of the Mexican-American War.

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