The 10 Best Documentaries About Tribes

Jan 18, 2024 | Best Of, Culture

When it comes to documentaries, Victoria is a land of wonderful tales and captivating stories. From the lush rainforests in North to the stunning coastlines along its southern shores, this State has something for everyone. Whether you’re an explorer seeking adventure or a history buff looking to explore the depths of human achievement, these 10 must-see documentaries will have you mesmerised. From the stories of courageous adventurers to those of everyday heroes, these films capture Victoria’s unique diversity and spirit. So, get ready for an eye-opening journey through one of Australia’s most beautiful States!


1. Hidden Tribes of the Amazon Unveiled

This documentary film explores the mysterious depths of the Amazon Rainforest, uncovering secrets that have been hidden for centuries. From the uncontacted tribes deep within still largely unexplored lands to strange creatures long believed to be mythical, this captivating work dives into a whole new world where anything can happen.


2. Hadzabe Tribe: The Life of The Hunter

Hadzabe Tribe: The Life of A Hunter is an insightful documentary that offers a glimpse into the life and culture of the Hadza, one of the last surviving hunter-gatherer tribes in Africa. Through interviews with members of the tribe and footage from their daily lives, viewers can learn about their complex social dynamics, traditional hunting techniques, and spiritual beliefs.


3. The Akha tribe in Laos: Between tradition and modernity

Cut off from the rest of the world, Peryensang Mai is a village that has been protected from modern life. The Akha people of this mountain top village adhere to laws and rituals passed down through generations; even their language remains uncharted.


4. The tragic story of the Bidoul tribe

The Kingdom of Jordan is home to a slice of history that dates back thousands of years. In the city of Petra, an ancient site recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the B’doul tribe has lived for centuries. However, in the early 80’s they were expelled from their home and forced to find new land – much to the dismay of many locals who wanted to protect their community.


5. The most isolated tribe in the Amazon

We explore the area of the Moxihatetema tribe living in the Brazilian Amazon. This indigenous Yanomami group has a unique way of life, dwelling within the dense rainforest and mountainous regions of northern Brazil and southern Venezuela.


6. Day in the Life of an Amazon Jungle Tribe!

Today, the Sápara, also known as Zápara or Záparo, are a people of fewer than 700 individuals scattered across 22 different communities. Despite their small numbers, they have continually fought to protect their culture and land from the ever-encroaching forces of capitalism.


7. The Isolated Tribe That Time Forgot

José Carlos Meirelles, an anthropologist, made the remarkable discovery of the Txapanawa tribe on the banks of the Envira River. The tribe was an isolated group that had never before encountered anyone from outside their village of Simpatia.


8. Sioux Tribes History

The Sioux tribes have a long and proud history of protecting their traditional lands. For centuries these brave warriors fought off colonization from the US and other Native peoples, preserving their ancestral homes with a fierce determination. They remain one of the oldest native populations on North America’s continent.


9. Tribes of India

Munda Tribe is one of the most unique and interesting ethnic groups in India. The community has a strong presence in Jharkhand, as well as West Bengal, Chhatisgarh, Orissa and Bihar. As part of Prasar Bharati Archives, Munda Tribe has been documented extensively to give an insight into their culture and lifestyle.


10. African Tribe Offers Me Monkey Meat!!

When I heard the invitation, I knew I had to take it: three days with one of Africa’s oldest tribes – The Hadza. Little did I know that my experience with this ancient culture would be like nothing else.
From the moment I arrived at their camp in northern Tanzania, they welcomed me with open arms and offered me a truly unique insight into their ancient customs.


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