The 10 Best Documentaries About the Mayas

Oct 16, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

Maya civilization is one of the most fascinating and mysterious in human history. For centuries, their remarkable accomplishments have captured the imagination of people from all walks of life. From incredible architecture to intricate artwork, Maya achievements are among some of the most impressive ever achieved by a pre-industrial society.


1. Lost Civilizations : The Mayas

The mysterious Maya civilization is a captivating topic to many. They were an advanced society that flourished throughout parts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador from as early as the 3rd millennium BC up until the Spanish conquest during the 6th century.


2. Lost World of the Maya

Explore the mysterious world of the ancient Maya, an advanced civilization that flourished in Central America for centuries. From their colossal stone pyramids and grand cities, to their mythic mastery of astronomy and mathematics, new evidence is emerging that illuminates our understanding of this remarkable civilization.


3. The Entire History of the Maya

This documentary is a deep dive into the ancient history of the Maya. Offering an exploration into the complex and fascinating culture that ruled Central America for centuries, this documentary will take you on an enlightening journey of discovery to uncover the secrets behind their rise and eventual fall.


4. The Bloodthirsty Deities Of The Ancient Mayans

Embark on an incredible quest into the distant past, uncovering the secrets of ancient civilisations. Journey through the ruins of Mesopotamia, exploring the mysteries that have been lost in time. From the mysterious maya to the powerful empires of Rome, explore a wealth of forgotten societies and cultures.


5. Ruins Among the Trees

Find out about the Classic Maya civilization and how it rose to power despite a climate that no other civilization had ever managed to conquer. Delve into this romantic mystery as we uncover clues about the fatal flaws lying beneath its surface. Finally, discover what truly happened during its cataclysmic collapse and after its fall.


6. The heirs of the Mayan civilization

The majestic Rio Usumacinta courses through Central America, its banks the site of grand cities built by the Maya. Despite their culture having passed into history, a deep connection between the river and modern descendants of the ancient civilization still remains. The link is timeless and unbreakable, nourishing present-day life just as it did centuries ago.


7. National Geographic Documentary – The Maya

The Maya were a civilization like no other. Emerging in the heart of ancient Central America, they evolved beyond their contemporaries to become an advanced culture with complex technologies and innovative architecture. But, for centuries, their secrets have been lost to time. Now, join us on a journey deep into the past as National Geographic uncovers The Maya: The Lost Civilization!


8. Exploring The Incredible Origins Of Central America

The Maya and Aztec civilisations are considered some of the most advanced ancient cultures that have ever existed. Developing independently of any contact with the Old World, these societies flourished in Central America during the 16th and 17th centuries, and their legacies continue to survive today despite the spread of consumer values from North America.


9. The Ancient Mayan City Lost For Thousands Of Years

Welcome to Unearthed History! From the depths of the Amazon jungle to the heights of the Grecian mountains, we will take you on a journey through the lost civilizations and forgotten mysteries hidden in our past.


10. The Wonders Of The Ancient Maya Civilization

The ancient Mayan civilisation was one of the most advanced in its time. They were renowned for their scientific achievements, artwork and architecture. Underground limestone tunnels spread beneath the towering canopy of the Guatemalan rainforest – a portal to a long-forgotten world.

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