The 10 Best Documentaries About Survivors

Oct 26, 2023 | Best Of, History, Military/War

Are you a documentary film enthusiast? Are you looking for the best documentaries about survivors who have triumphed against all odds? Look no further! This article will take you through some of the most inspiring and motivating stories of individuals who, despite cruel fates, never gave up. From accounts of individuals struggling to overcome immense trauma, to those fighting against systemic and structural injustice – these documentaries will surely leave you moved and inspired.


1. Joseph Alexander: A Holocaust survivor’s story of resilience

Joseph Alexander is a Holocaust survivor who has persevered through extraordinary circumstances. His story of resilience and strength in the face of adversity is an inspiration to many, and his journey can be seen in the DW Documentary. The documentary follows Joseph’s incredible life story starting as a young Jewish boy living in Germany during World War II. As the war tore Europe apart, Joseph was separated from his parents and sent to a concentration camp. Despite the horror of his experience in the camp, Joseph never gave up hope. With courage and determination, he survived horrors that no one should ever have to face.


2. Auschwitz One Day | Special

This is a documentary that delves into the stories of survivors from Auschwitz, one of the most notorious concentration camps during World War II. Directed and narrated by award-winning filmmaker Shohana Khan, It tells the story of individuals who experienced unimaginable horrors, only to emerge as some of the world’s greatest teachers and icons for perseverance.


3. Story of an Holocaust Survivor

The Holocaust was one of the most tragic events in human history. It changed the world and left a lasting impact on all those who experienced it first-hand. Now, we can look back at this time and remember the horrors that took place. This is a documentary about just such survivors – their stories, their trials and tribulations, and the strength it took to survive.


4. Shackleton – The Great Explorer and Survivor Documentary

The story of Survivor is a remarkable one. It tells the tale of an expedition into the cold and unforgiving depths of Antarctica, where a small group of brave men and women risked their lives to answer the call for adventure. Led by explorer Ernest Shackleton, this band of intrepid adventurers faced the ultimate challenge – to traverse an untouched continent in search of knowledge and self-discovery.


5. These Survivors Recount Their Extreme Survival Stories

If you’re looking for an incredible story of survival, then this is the documentary for you. This inspiring film follows the life stories of three survivors of extreme hardship and adversity, providing insight into their personal struggles and the courage they demonstrate in striving to overcome their challenges.


6. The Top Unbelievable Survival Stories

We’ve all heard unbelievable survival stories, but few can compare to the incredible tale of this. She survived a brutal two-year journey after being separated from her family by war in Afghanistan. Her story is one of courage and resilience, as she faced numerous challenges throughout her trek. It’s an inspiring tale of how she was able to persevere and eventually reach her destination.


7. A Holocaust survivor tells her story

Margit Meissner is a remarkable 96-year-old survivor of the Holocaust. She devotes her time to ensuring that the genocide of the Jews will never be forgotten by meeting young people and sharing her story with them. Her experiences have also been documented in an ambitious project undertaken by German photographer Luigi Toscano, who travels around the world photographing survivors of this dark period of history. Though hearing the German language can take Margit back to her painful past, she courageously agreed to have her story told in order to ensure that future generations won’t forget. Her bravery is an inspiration and a testament to the strength of those who survived this atrocity and all those who lost their lives.


8. The REAL Story Of ‘Lone Survivor’ Is Even More Shocking | Our Life

The untold story of  a survivor of an unimaginable hardship and tragedy, is one that will forever remain in our hearts. An incredible journey from extreme despair to hope and courage, her journey will serve as a reminder to us all of the power of resilience.


9. DARE TO SURVIVE: Shackleton’s Voyage of Endurance 2002

Experience the epic journey of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legendary Antarctic Expedition of Endurance in DARE TO SURVIVE: Shackleton’s Voyage of Endurance 2002. This documentary explores one of the most audacious and perilous attempts to traverse Antarctica, and chronicles how Shackleton and his men endured life-threatening conditions in their quest for survival. With archival footage taken from hundreds of hours of interviews and diaries, it paints a vivid picture of Shackleton’s incredible adventure. From the treacherous seas to the desolate ice-capped mountains, we follow along as the crew faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles, in one of the most remarkable feats of human endurance. With gripping stories from those who were there, this documentary gives viewers an intimate look into one.



This is a journey of survival and resilience. It is a documentary about one woman’s incredible fight against the odds to survive in hostile conditions. She was born into poverty and war-torn Afghanistan, yet she managed to overcome all odds to thrive in her adopted home of Toronto, Canada. Despite facing unimaginable tragedies along the way,her story is a powerful reminder of the strength and courage that can be found within us all. She has become an inspiration to many, especially for those who have been affected by war and poverty. In this documentary, she recounts her journey of loss, survival, resilience and triumph in a gripping narrative that will no doubt leave viewers inspired and hopeful.


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