The 10 Best Documentaries About Robert Mugabe

Oct 29, 2023 | Best Of, Political

The life of Robert Mugabe is a complex and fascinating one, so it’s little surprise that it has been the subject of some incredible documentaries. From intimate studies to sweeping historical examinations, there are plenty of films to explore his story. So if you’re looking for a unique way to learn more about this revolutionary leader, here are the best documentaries about Robert Mugabe. From his rise to power in Zimbabwe to his eventual fall from grace, these films offer a comprehensive look at an incredible life. So if you want to gain a deeper understanding of Mugabe, then put on your headphones and press play!


1. Robert Mugabe – Freedom Fighter or Mad Tyrant? Documentary

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2. Looking For Mercy (Robert Mugabe Documentary)

At just eight years old, Robyn Paterson and her best friend Mercy were poster children for the country of Zimbabwe. Representing a time of hope and unity, their contrast in skin color symbolized this belief – pale-skinned Robyn standing side by side with dark-skinned Mercy. Yet only miles away from them, Comrade Robert Mugabe’s reign unleashed a different reality of violence and turmoil. When Mugabe stepped off a plane at the Zimbabwe airforce base, Robyn could never have imagined the horrors that he had brought with him. As his special forces continued to massacre Mercy’s Matabele tribespeople, the hope and unity were quickly becoming nothing more than a distant memory.


3. Life Under Robert Mugabe

The young Robyn Paterson and her best friend, Mercy, shared a lot of things in common. They were both poster children for the new Zimbabwe but had an undeniable difference – pale-skinned Robyn and dark-skinned Mercy. This special bond between them became a symbol of unity in Mugabe’s independent nation. At the age of 8, they were standing together in a crowd as Comrade Robert Mugabe stepped out of the plane at an air-force base. This was a momentous occasion, heralding what many thought would be a bright future for Zimbabwe.


4. A Brief History of Robert Mugabe

Whatever your opinion of the late Robert Mugabe; there’s no denying that his life was anything but ordinary. From a freedom fighter to a controversial leader, he held power in Zimbabwe for more than 40 years. During that time, Mugabe has inspired many documentaries that capture his impact on both the people and politics of Zimbabwe. These films chronicle how he navigated the complex realities of living in a post-colonial country, surviving assassination attempts and taking a hardline stance against those he deemed to be his enemies. Mugabe’s life was full of contradictions; his rise to power brought about great economic development while his rule saw widespread human rights abuses.


5. Life Under Robert Mugabe: A Look Back at the Mugabe Era

At the tender age of eight, Robyn Paterson and her best friend Mercy were chosen to present flowers as a symbol of peace when Comrade Robert Mugabe arrived at the Zimbabwe air-force base. Though their two worlds couldn’t have been more different, with pale Robyn standing in contrast to dark-skinned Mercy, they represented a united front for an independent Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, only a few miles away, the Matabele people were being brutally killed by Mugabe’s special forces, despite the country’s new independence. For Robyn and Mercy, this meant they were not merely poster children of hope, but also survivors of tragedy.


6. Robert Mugabe’s 1980 victory in Zimbabwe – Newsnight Archives

Newsnight is a must-see show for anyone who wants to stay informed about the latest news and current affairs. With engaging conversations, exclusive reports, insightful debates, and hard-hitting interviews, this flagship BBC program keeps viewers up to date on all the important issues. Tune in to get your fill of thought-provoking analysis and relevant insights. From politics to culture and entertainment, Newsnight is the perfect place to catch up on Robert Mugabe’s life and career. Dive deep into his legacy and get full access to exclusive accounts from those close to him – all as you join in on meaningful conversations about the world today.


7. Robert Mugabe, 1997 – BBC HARDtalk

Mugabe’s legacy is one that might never be forgotten. The former president of Zimbabwe was a controversial leader with a strong grip on power. After his passing, Nik Gowing’s 1997 interview in Harare for HARDtalk provides an eye-opening look into Mugabe’s rule and life. As the country reached independence from Britain, questions arose about whether or not Mugabe’s reign was too strong. Watching the documentary gives viewers a chance to examine this question and draw their own conclusions. With his passing, Gowing’s interview provides an opportunity to gain insight into Mugabe’s life and understand why he did what he did. It’s a fascinating look at a leader that will never be forgotten.


8. AU Chair Robert Mugabe address: 26th AU Summit

The African Union Summit is calling for the discussion of Human Rights in Africa, with a focus on Women’s Rights. Migration of Africans is seen as an urgent challenge, and AU Chair Robert Mugabe has expressed his desire to hold a summit on this issue. However, the security issues that plague the continent will be at the forefront of the two-day meeting. Pres. Mugabe has been vocal in his opinion of the West, asking them to ‘shut up’ regarding his extended rule.


9. Robert Mugabe Interview (1980)

A bold revolution is underway in the African nation of Zimbabwe, helmed by Prime Minister Robert Mugabe. His vision for transforming his country into a powerful and influential nation has become a reality through his creative leadership. The documentary delves deeper into this fascinating story, exploring what it took to achieve Mugabe’s dream and the progress made so far. It also examines some of the issues that come with Mugabe’s progressive policies, such as political upheaval and economic instability. This documentary will give insight into a rich and complex history while asking difficult questions about the future of Zimbabwe and its leader.


10. Robert Mugabe

The documentary “TV Eye” dives deep into the life and legacy of Robert Mugabe. Julian Manyon travels to Zimbabwe, where he interviews people from all walks of life. They share their insight on Mugabe and his revolutionary allies. We’re given a unique glimpse into their lives, uncovering both the positive and negative aspects of this iconic leader’s tenure. As Manyon delves further, we begin to understand the complexities and nuances of Mugabe’s rule. This documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding this revolutionary leader.

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