The 10 Best Documentaries About Natural Disasters

Sep 9, 2023 | Best Of, Disaster, Environmental

If you are interested in natural phenomena and the power of Mother Nature, then these documentaries about natural disasters should be on your watch list. From storms and earthquakes to floods and landslides, these films take viewers on a journey through some of the most destructive forces on Earth.


1. Bangladesh’s struggle with flooding

It is no secret that the effects of global warming have caused a dramatic rise in natural disasters across the world. The Ganges Delta region of Bangladesh has been hit especially hard, as rising sea levels and devastating flooding have destroyed crops and homes. The melting Himalayan ice, combined with heavy monsoon rains, has sent water pouring through the rivers in the country’s interior, wreaking havoc. The massive surged of water used to burst the banks of rivers and wash away thousands upon thousands of homes, leaving behind a catastrophic aftermath. Each year more than 14,000 Bangladeshi children drown due to flooding alone.


2. Aftermath To The World’s Deadliest Natural Disasters

After countless natural disasters, it’s time to take a closer look at the aftermath. From earthquakes and tsunamis to tornadoes and volcanic eruptions, the world has seen some of its deadliest calamities in recent years. In this stunning documentary series, we will explore how communities have recovered from these events that left destruction in their wake.


3. The Most Destructive Geological Disasters In History

In this compilation of Desperate Hours, we explore the destructive nature of natural disasters. We see how volcanoes, earthquakes, and tornadoes have wreaked havoc on our world. We also witness the power of floods to cause immense destruction in a matter of minutes. Then there are landslides, heatwaves, and avalanches that have brought tragedy to many people.


4. Business of Disaster

In October 2012, Superstorm Sandy caused significant damage to the Eastern seaboard and took the lives of countless individuals. After this devastating disaster, Congress provided special housing aid to local governments in order to help with recovery efforts. At the same time, the Federal Emergency Management Administration launched a National Flood Insurance Program.


5. Disaster Diaries

This year, we are ready to take you on a journey of the world’s most powerful natural disasters. THE DISASTER DIARIES is an immersive experience that brings viewers right into the heart of these catastrophic events. Our crews are on standby and prepared to travel anywhere around the globe, equipped with Ultra-High Definition cameras.


6. Floods, drought and the consequences of extreme weather

Frank Harsch will never forget the day of May 29, 2016. A storm had caused a wave of brown water to crash past his town hall in Braunsbach near Schwäbisch Hall in southern Germany, carrying cars and debris along with it and transforming the village into a disaster zone.


7. The Deadliest Tsunamis Of All Time

From the depths of the ocean, tsunamis bring with them an immense force. These powerful waves are generated by sudden shifts in tectonic plates, causing massive displacements of water that can wipe out whole coastlines and devastate entire communities in minutes. In this episode of Mega Disaster, we explore some of history’s worst natural disasters.


8. The Most Devastating Earthquakes In History

Destruction, destruction, and more destruction. Natural disasters can ruin entire cities in a matter of seconds with no warning at all. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes – these titanic forces are so powerful that they seem to defy the word ‘disaster.’ But how do experts predict when the next one will strike?


9. The Extreme Natural Disasters

Travel to the far corners of the world with this documentary, starting in the Andes Mountains and trekking through a variety of climates. From icy tundra to sun-drenched islands, explore the most powerful forces of Mother Nature in 2015. Witness eruptions billowing from volcanic peaks, massive floods that swept away entire villages, and earthquakes.


10. The Earth’s Biggest Super Typhoon

One of the most powerful natural disasters is a cyclone, which has six core conditions it needs in order to form. Firstly, warm sea surface temperatures are needed; warmth that fuels its development and strength. Secondly, atmospheric instability is also required – this means air must be able to rise quickly and easily within the atmosphere to increase the storm’s power.

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