The 10 Best Documentaries About The Knights Templar

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The Knights Templar were an order of warriors during the Middle Ages who fought for religious causes and defended Christianity from enemies. They were a powerful force that left a lasting legacy and their story is still captivating today. Here, we will explore the 10 best documentaries about the Knights Templar that bring their fascinating history to life.


1. Secret Societies: The Heirs of the Knights Templar

Do you want to learn more about secret societies and their mysterious past? In this documentary, historian Dr. Marian Füssel uncovers the secrets of some of history’s most famous secret societies like the Freemasons. With evidence dating as far back as 1st century AD in Jerusalem, explore how these secretive organizations have been used for political power and criminal elements. Don’t miss out on your chance to discover more about these powerful groups and uncover what really lies beneath their surface!


2. Knights Templar: Rise and Fall

The rise and fall of the Knights Templar is an incredible story of courage, bravery, and loyalty. This documentary looks at the history behind this unique group of warrior monks who discovered a powerful artifact deep beneath the Temple of Solomon. The Knights were known to practice both Christianity and Islam during their time in Jerusalem or Egypt around 1190 AD-1291 AD. Follow us on our journey as we explore the relics that still exist today in France and Portugal, as well as uncover mankind’s greatest secret held by these brave warriors for centuries!


3. The Secret Story of the Knights Templar – Birth of a Brotherhood

Explore the mysterious and powerful Knights Templar as we uncover their incredible story. From their humble beginnings in the Middle Ages to their meteoric rise to power, this video series is your guide to understanding these legendary warriors of Christ. We’ll look at who founded the order, how they became so influential in such a short time, and why they vanished into history after two centuries of existence. Learn about the white overcoats with red crosses that marked them out from other orders and discover what secrets were left behind when they eventually disappeared.


4. The Knights Templar Rise And Fall Of Power

The Knights Templar were a mysterious group of warrior monks that rose to power many centuries ago. Their legacy has been shrouded in mystery and speculation ever since. In this video, we explore their story, from the discovery of an artifact beneath the Temple of Solomon to their mission to protect mankind’s greatest secret for centuries. We will also look at how they are linked to religious artifacts such as the Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant, as well as theories claiming they have a connection with Jesus Christ’s bloodline. Uncovering these secrets can help us better understand one of history’s most enigmatic organizations: The Knights Templar!


5. The Secret Story of the Knights Templar – A business empire

The Knights Templar were known for their courage and bravery, but what is not as well-known is the secret story of their business empire. In this video, we explore how they used their wealth to gain power and influence in Europe in the 12th century. We also uncover the truth behind their treasures and reveal how they became masters in creating a profitable enterprise. Discover why the Templars rose to become one of the most powerful organizations of its time!


6. The Secret Story of the Knights Templar – The Fall of the Order

The Knights Templar were a powerful and mysterious military order that was formed during the Crusades. But what happened to them? This documentary reveals the story of their rise, fall, and ultimate disappearance from history. We’ll explore their beginnings as an elite fighting force, the secrets they kept hidden for centuries, and how it all came crashing down in one catastrophic event. Discover the truth behind this legendary Order – The Secret Story of the Knights Templar!


7. The Knights Templar: Guardians of the Holy Grail?

This documentary takes you on a journey to learn the truth about the heroic military order, The Knights Templar. Follow along as they quest for the Holy Grail and its power of healing, protection, and even eternal life. Discover their secrets, rise to power and wealth, and uncover why they were so brutally suppressed in the early 14th century. With stunning visuals and expert insights, explore this intriguing chapter of history that remains shrouded in mystery to this day. Dive deep into the rich history of The Knights Templar: Guardians of the Holy Grail?


8. The True History Of The Knights Templar With Dan Jones

In this video Dan Snow speaks with historian and author Dan Jones to explore the Templars’ rise and fall. Jones is also the History Hit Book Club’s author for October/November; join the club to get exclusive access to his best-selling book Power and Thrones, as well as regular email updates, an online coffee catch up with other members, a live event in October and a Live online Q&A with Dan himself. Don’t miss out!


9. Secret Societies – The Heirs of the Knights Templar

Are you curious about secret societies? This video dives deep into the history and mystery of one of the most famous groups, The Freemasons. Learn more about their fundamental ideals such as liberty, equality, fraternity, tolerance and humanity. We’ll also explore some theories that suggest this secret brotherhood may be after political power. Discover what lies beneath the surface in this documentary on Secret Societies – The Heirs of the Knights Templar!


10. Knights Templar: The Rise And Fall Of The Mysterious Warrior Monks

The Knights Templar have been shrouded in mystery for centuries. From their origins as a religious order sworn to protect pilgrims on the way to Jerusalem, they evolved into one of the most powerful and wealthy military orders ever seen in Europe. In this documentary, we explore the rise and fall of these mysterious warrior monks: from their humble beginnings to their ultimate downfall at the hands of French King Philip IV. Learn about their

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