The 10 Best Documentaries About The Keto Diet

Nov 5, 2023 | Best Of, Food/Drink

This is a documentary that dives deep into the world of keto diets, offering an up-close look at how our understanding and appreciation of food has changed in recent times. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Mina Naeem and narrated by celebrity nutritionist Dr. Christina DiPasquale, this docu-series takes viewers on a journey to explore the concept of food as medicine, revealing the potential benefits of keto and how it can be integrated into everyday life. The film also delves into the stories of individuals who have found success through a ketogenic diet, highlighting both the delicious recipes and the trials and tribulations that come with the lifestyle changes. With heart-warming interviews from real people.


1. Who Should Eat Keto and Why

Have you heard about the ketogenic or keto diet? This high-fat, low-carb lifestyle has been gaining traction in recent years as a way to achieve weight loss and gain mental clarity. But is it right for everyone? It’s important to remember that every person’s body and genetic makeup is different – one approach won’t work for everybody. So how do you decide? The key is to learn all you can about keto and figure out whether it’s the right choice for your specific body type.


2. Keto Netflix Documentary

This is a must-watch film that will give you insight into the power of high meat keto diets. Science has consistently demonstrated that by reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing fat and protein consumption, individuals can achieve impressive health benefits. This documentary provides viewers with an in-depth look at the science behind the ketogenic diet, as well as how it works in practice. Through interviews with leading experts in the field, this documentary explores how keto can be an effective dietary intervention for a wide range of medical conditions, from obesity to diabetes to neurological disorders. Learn about the potential impact of keto on your health and wellbeing, as well as the different approaches that can be taken when adopting it.


3. This is what the keto diet does to your body

Keto has been a hot topic of debate in the health and wellness space, with some touting it as an ideal weight loss plan while others view it as too extreme. It’s easy to see why – drastically reducing carbohydrates is not something most people would consider a sustainable or healthy lifestyle choice.


4. How to Start a Keto Diet

Are you ready to make a change in your lifestyle? Starting a keto diet in 2023 may be the right decision for you if you are seeking to improve your overall health and wellbeing. This low-carb, high-fat eating plan has rapidly gained popularity over the past few years due to its many benefits, including weight loss and improved blood sugar levels.


5. Is Ketosis Dangerous

Ketogenic diets and fasting have become increasingly popular, with many people swapping out carbohydrates for fats like coconut oil, MCT Oil and Grassfed butter. This shift has caused some to worry about the potential negative effects of such diets on our health, but evidence is growing that suggests ketones may be better for us than glucose and carbs. This is an eye-opening documentary that explores this phenomenon and its implications. Through interviews with experts, real-life stories, and scientific research, this documentary reveals how our bodies may be better adapted for ketosis than we ever could have imagined. Viewers will gain insight into the history of keto diets and fasting, discover why it works on a cellular level.


6. New study compares Keto vs Mediterranean Diet!

A recent study has been conducted to compare the benefits of the keto and Mediterranean diets. The results were fascinating, offering insight into which diet could be more beneficial for an individual’s health. The ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat eating plan that has become popular among those seeking to shed weight quickly as well as improve their overall health.


7. Very Bad News For Keto Diet

Are you on the Keto Diet? It has been one of the most popular diets for weight loss and body transformation, but there’s some bad news that could mean the end of this trend. A recent study revealed a major health risk associated with this diet – find out what it is and why it matters! Watch it to hear more about this shocking discovery and its implications for your health. Don’t miss out on this important news .


8. Keto Diet For Beginners – How To Start

Keto is a diet that has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its potential health benefits. If you are looking for an easy way to start on Keto, then check out this guide! From understanding the basics of Keto to how you can get started with the right meals and snacks, we’ll cover it all here.


9. The Keto Diet Explained

Richie Kirwan is here to help us understand the many advantages of a keto diet. In this documentary, Richie dives into the basics and why people choose to follow a ketogenic lifestyle. He outlines the science behind how it works for weight loss, as well as other potential health benefits. As he explains in detail what one can expect from adopting a keto diet.


10. Ketogenic Diet Documentary

Keto has become one of the most popular diets in recent years, and it isn’t hard to see why. Many have taken advantage of its low-carb benefits for weight loss and improved overall health. But to really understand keto, you need a deeper understanding – which is where documentaries come in. By watching documentary films about ketogenic dieting, you can gain a better understanding of the science, implications, and potential side effects of the diet.



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