The 10 Best Documentaries About Frogs

Oct 13, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Are you curious to learn more about an often overlooked species? You may be surprised to discover how fascinating frogs can be – and there’s no better way to gain a deeper understanding than by watching documentaries about them. From the deadly poison of the golden dart frog to the fight for survival of the endangered Panamanian golden frog, these films explore the lives and stories of frogs around the world. We’ve rounded up some of the best documentaries about frogs to help you get to know these fascinating creatures better. Dive in and explore the secret lives of these amphibians!


1. Frog Song: The World of Amphibians – Full Documentary

The world of amphibians, or frogs and toads, is a fascinating one full of mystery and wonder. From the iconic red-eyed tree frog of Costa Rica to the mountain-dwelling fire salamander of Europe, these unique creatures have captivated us with their beauty and power for centuries. But beneath this beauty lies a darker side – frogs.


2. The Secrets Of The Frog

Frogs have been a source of both fascination and terror for centuries. For many cultures, frogs represent transformation or renewal – a symbol of rebirth that is often associated with resurrection stories in Christianity or Hinduism. But the amphibians are far from harmless; they’re actually some of the most dangerous animals out there. From their sinister-sounding croaking to their venom.


3. Frogs – The Thin Green Line (Documentary Full Length)

Frogs – The Last Hope for HumanityThe title of the documentary aptly reflects its contents: Frogs – The Last Hope for Humanity. A survey of the natural world reveals how green amphibians are essential to maintaining the environment and balance of nature. Through vivid footage and interviews with experts, this film explores what happens when frogs go missing from their habitats.


4. Facts About Frogs & Toads 🐸 – Secret Nature | Amphibian Documentary | Natural History Channel

Fascinating Frogs & Toads – Unlocking Secrets of the Natural World | Amphibian Documentary | National GeographicDive into the thrilling world of frogs and toads with this educational documentary. Take a journey across continents and explore the unique characteristics that make amphibians so fascinating. Follow an expert team of naturalists as they uncover surprising facts about frog.


5. Frogs – The Whole Story 10/13

Frogs – The Untold Story of Nature’s Tiny Powerhouses 10/13You’ve seen them hopping around in ponds and gardens, but have you considered the powerful roles frogs play in nature? Frogs may appear tiny and insignificant, but they are deadlier than heroin when it comes to their impact on ecosystems. From controlling pests to contributing to disease management.


6. The Last Hope – Frog Conservation Documentary from Western Ghats

The Last Hope – Uncovering the Plight of Frogs in the Western GhatsDo you know that a growing number of frogs are facing extinction? The Last Hope is an eye-opening documentary about frog conservation efforts in the Western Ghats region of India. This award-winning film reveals the devastating effects of deforestation, climate change and diseases on one of the.


7. Finding Frogs in Cameroon (wildlife documentary by Living Zoology)

Cameroon, a beautiful country in Central Africa, is home to many incredible species of frogs. Living Zoology’s documentary series takes viewers on an unforgettable journey into the wilds of Cameroon to explore its vibrant and diverse frog populations. From their habitat to their behavior and anatomy, viewers are taken up close and personal with these amphibians as they observe them in action.


8. The Red Frog Story – Frog Documentary – Oophaga pumilio – Bastimentos Island, Panama

It’s the story of a tiny species, with big implications. The red frog is one of the most fascinating creatures on earth – but for this amphibian, life in Panama’s Bastimentos Island comes at a deadly cost. In this special documentary, explore the unique world of Oophaga pumilio – and discover why it’s deadlier than heroin.


9. The Frog Evolution Left Behind: The Pig-Nosed Frog | On The Brink

The Deadly Evolution of the Pig-Nosed Frog | On The Edge Of ExtinctionThe mysterious and beautiful pig-nosed frog has been a source of fascination and fear for centuries. This unique species is one of the last surviving frogs to remain unchanged since prehistoric times, but it’s also one of the most endangered amphibians in the world today.


10. Frogs: A Mini Documentary [Surprising Frog Facts]

Frogs: Unraveling the Mystery [The Surprising Facts] There’s something mysterious and captivating about frogs – their slimy skin, their long tongues, their bulging eyes. But did you know that frogs have some truly unique characteristics? You may be surprised by how diverse and fascinating these amphibians can be.

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