The 10 Best Documentaries About Elizabeth Holmes

Aug 2, 2023 | Best Of, History

The Drop of Blood That Became a River – This documentary dives deep into the story of Elizabeth Holmes and her fraudulent blood-testing startup, Theranos. It follows the journey from the beginning to end, uncovering how she was able to convince investors and doctors alike that her technology could revolutionize healthcare as we know it.


1. Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes’ meteoric rise to fame and fortune as CEO of her biotech startup, Theranos, captivated Silicon Valley. In an era where taking risks and producing results are often prioritized over ethical considerations, the young entrepreneur was praised for her ambition and drive in developing revolutionary blood testing technology. Sadly, things quickly unraveled when allegations surfaced that the company had misled investors.


2. Elizabeth Holmes Story

As scandals continue to shake up America, it can be difficult to separate truth from fiction. Who is really at fault? What drives someone to break the rules and what happens when they’re caught? American Scandal takes viewers deep into the heart of these intriguing stories, exploring how Elizabeth Holmes rose and fell from grace as a powerful businesswoman.


3. Elizabeth Holmes exposed

Elizabeth Holmes has been the talk of Silicon Valley for years. She made headlines when she became the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire, thanks to her groundbreaking invention – a miniaturised machine that with just a single drop of blood could map out a person’s health quickly and reliably. At first it seemed like a medical revolution was upon us.


4. Elizabeth Holmes got her start

Elizabeth Holmes was a Silicon Valley woman on the rise. She left college – like many successful entrepreneurs before her – to begin her own company, which ended up being valued at almost $10 billion. This incredible feat earned Elizabeth the title of world’s youngest self-made female billionaire.


5. Selling the idea of Theranos to employees, investors

Elizabeth Holmes had a vision. She wanted to revolutionize the diagnostics industry and make it easier for medical professionals to detect diseases from a single drop of blood. To achieve this, she created her own machine, the HDM or Holmes Molecular Diagnostic Machine. This technology was revolutionary as it could detect over 20 different viruses and diseases with just that one drop of blood.


6. Silicon Valley’s Greatest Disaster

Elizabeth Holmes was an ambitious entrepreneur who sought to revolutionize the medical diagnostics industry. In a bid to make blood tests more affordable and accessible to the public, she created a revolutionary device called the Edison which promised to diagnose any type of illness in just minutes with only a single drop of blood. Her invention was met with much praise and admiration and attracted.


7. Documentary about Theranos fraud

Elizabeth Holmes was a groundbreaking figure in the biotech industry. She founded Theranos, a Silicon Valley-based company that promised to revolutionize the blood testing market by offering patients the ability to get their results from just one finger prick of blood. Unfortunately, it all turned out to be a lie and will go down as one of the biggest frauds in American history. Her trial is currently taking place in San Jose, California and she could face up to 20 years in jail if convicted.


8. The Crimes of Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes was a brilliant Stanford dropout who had the vision to revolutionize the healthcare industry with her revolutionary technology. With just one single drop of blood, people could easily get their lab tests done without having to visit a medical facility. Theranos, which she founded in 2003, brought this promise to life – creating kiosks that could be found at nearby pharmacies and providing.


9. Elizabeth Holmes & The Theranos Deception

Elizabeth Holmes became a household name after her company, Theranos, was exposed for fraud in 2018. The ambitious start-up had promised to revolutionize the medical field with its revolutionary blood-testing machine that could detect hundreds of diseases from just one drop of blood. However, it soon became clear that the technology was not up to par and Elizabeth Holmes was called out on four counts of wire fraud.


10. Documentary about Theranos fraud

Elizabeth Holmes has become synonymous with one of the largest frauds in American business history. The former founder and CEO of now-defunct Theranos, a Silicon Valley based biotech company, deceived its investors by claiming to revolutionize the blood testing market with just a single finger prick of blood.


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