The 10 Best Documentaries About Disneyland

Jul 29, 2023 | Best Of, History, Media, Performing Arts

Take a fascinating journey through the history of Disneyland with these incredible documentaries. From its beginnings as a modest amusement park to its current status as one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world, these films offer an intimate look at how this magical place has grown and evolved over time. With interviews from some of Disney’s key players, never-before-seen footage, and behind-the-scenes secrets revealed, you’ll get an exclusive glimpse into what makes this beloved destination so special. So grab your popcorn and join us on a captivating exploration into the past and present of Disneyland!


1. Disneyland Secrets Stories

Discover the hidden secrets and untold stories of Disneyland in this captivating documentary! From its earliest days to the current era, explore how Disney has shaped a magical world that continues to enchant guests from around the globe. See exclusive interviews with former cast members, historians and creative minds who have helped bring Disneyland’s unique magic to life over the years. Experience how true imagination can create an unforgettable destination where dreams come true for all ages!


2. A Complicated History

Have you ever heard of Disney’s FastPass? This revolutionary system has been an incredible asset to the theme parks, but did you know that it wasn’t always like this? In this documentary, we take a look at the complicated history of Disney’s FastPass and how it was created. We’ll explore the successes and failures along the way and learn about some of the unique features that make this system so special! Join us as we dive into a fascinating story about one of Disney’s most beloved inventions.


3. Disneyland: Walt’s Impossible Dream

What do you get when you combine the vision of an innovator, the hard work of a team, and years of planning? On July 17th 1955, Walt Disney opened up Disneyland to stunned visitors from around the world. This video dives into how this revolutionary park was created – exploring Walt’s dream and his journey to make it a reality. From conception to construction – this is the story of how Disneyland changed entertainment forever!


4. The BEST KEPT SECRETS of Disneyland

Join Molly as she takes you through the original Disneyland Park in California! She’ll explore all of the hidden secrets, relive backstories from classic rides, and even share some helpful tips for your next visit. Plus, get a taste of some park-favorites snacks while learning about Disney history – including the disastrous opening day! Come with us and discover all that Disneyland has to offer.


5. Defunctland: The Failure of Euro Disneyland

Take a journey to explore the story behind Euro Disneyland, one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken in Europe. From its grand beginnings to its eventual demise, this documentary takes you through the failure of Euro Disneyland and examines what went wrong. Learn why it failed and how this project changed the landscape for future amusement parks. Join us as we delve into Defunctland: The Failure of Euro Disneyland!


6. The Disneyland Story

Take a journey with Harry Anderson and explore the magical history of Disneyland! From its inception to its future projects, this documentary will take you on an unforgettable time travel adventure as you board the Disneyland railroad. Learn all about how this iconic theme park began and what lies ahead for it in the years to come. Don’t miss out on this incredible trip down memory lane!


7. The Disney Story

The story of Walt Disney is one of the most inspiring tales in history. From a small cartoon studio to a multi-billion dollar empire, this documentary follows the rise and fall of an American icon. With rare interviews and never before seen footage, It All Started With A Mouse: The Disney Story takes you inside the life of Walt Disney – from his humble beginnings to his incredible success. Learn how he revolutionized animation with groundbreaking films like Mickey Mouse and Snow White, created theme parks around the world, and made it all happen with hard work and determination. This is an inspirational journey that will make you believe anything is possible!


8. Causing a Natural Disaster to Party

In 1993, a devastating flood swept through the Midwestern United States. Billions of dollars in damages were caused by this historic flooding and many lives were tragically lost. In Quincy, Illinois however, one man was convicted under an obscure law for intentionally causing a levee to fail. James Scott was 24-years-old when he allegedly breached the West Quincy levee with the intention of stranding his wife on the other side and having more freedom to party and go fishing with his friends. Though no deaths occurred from this breach, James is still serving a life sentence due to being the first person ever convicted under this 1979 Missouri law. This documentary explores James’ story in detail as well as looks at how such an extreme punishment could be given for such an act that seemingly had no casualties involved.


9. Walt Disney World

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Walt Disney World with this special documentary created for the Disney Channel in 1986! Get a glimpse into how the iconic park was born, and get an exclusive preview of what Imagineering had planned. Plus, see some behind-the-scenes footage that will make you feel like you are part of the magic. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience history!


10. The ULTIMATE Guide to Disneyland

Are you ready for an unforgettable Disneyland experience? Join us as we take a walk down the secret theme park walkway and explore all that Baby Yoda has to offer. Plus, we’ll show you how to plan a spectacular 100th birthday party! Get ready for your trip with DFB Guide and get the most out of your visit to one of the world’s most magical places.


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