The 10 Best Documentaries About Cooking

Sep 17, 2023 | Best Of, Food/Drink

Cooking isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. It’s also an art form that has been around for centuries, and continues to evolve with the times. From the secrets of grandmothers’ recipes to award-winning chefs who created Michelin-star dishes, many different aspects of cooking have been explored in documentaries over the years. Whether you’re looking for inspiring stories of home cooks or want to learn the secrets of professional chefs, here are some of the best documentaries about cooking that you should check out.


1. Documentary about Cooking Nazri soup and distributing it to nomadic people

We are delighted that our documentary films have managed to capture your attention. We thank you for being loyal viewers; we want to provide you with a healthy and nutritious diet, so we film the nomadic family as they cook up Nazri Soup and distribute it among those in need. Your support will help us to create more of these amazing videos in the future. Thank you for being part of our channel.


2. History of Food

Did you know that cuisine has been around since the dawn of civilization? We take for granted what a simple pleasure it is to prepare and enjoy a home-cooked meal. But, many didn’t have the luxury of enjoying such fare until more recent times. Ancient Mesoamericans invented recipes similar to tacos, but there were no modern ingredients like beef, corn tortillas, and the like. Fast forward many centuries later and cooking has become an art form with a story to tell around every dish.


3. Hadzabe Full Documentary | Gatherer & Traditional Life Style | Cooking And Eating        In  The Wild

As we welcome in the New Year, let us take a moment to appreciate the Hadzabe tribe. A peaceful people, they share what they have with each other and are never greedy. From their traditional lifestyle, to gathering and cooking in the wild, this documentary gives viewers a unique insight into how these people live day-to-day. It’s an inspiring look at their culture and how they have adapted to the ever-changing environment around them. As we move into 2021, let us remember the Hadzabe tribe and all of those who strive for a better tomorrow. Happy New Year!


4. Village life in Afghanistan | Daily Routine Life Documentary | Cooking Potato and             Leek Bolani

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5. Documentary about playing with Rana and making umbrellas and cooking tomatoes        and eggplants

Discover the beauty of nomadic life with a behind-the-scenes look at the Raz family. Follow their creative endeavors as they craft traditional umbrellas, showcasing their cultural richness and unique style. Then, join them in their kitchen as they prepare a tantalizing meal of tomato and eggplant, which will surely awaken your taste buds. Witness firsthand how this close-knit family creates special memories with each other, celebrating their joyous spirit and inspiring creativity. Experience the warmth of a nomadic journey as you explore their captivating lifestyle and culture in this heartwarming documentary. Embark on an extraordinary journey where delightful moments become cherished memories.


6. Finding Hidden Gems – Anthony Bourdain

Be transported around the world with Anthony Bourdain in this delectable journey of Parts Unknown. From savoring dishes served by street stalls to indulging in gourmet meals at renowned restaurants, follow him as he discovers unique cuisines and rich cultures. This documentary will undoubtedly tantalize your taste buds as well as inspire your appetite for exploration. With each bite, you’ll feel like you’re traveling alongside Bourdain on this culinary adventure. So settle in and join him as he samples hidden gems around the world. Bon appétit!


7. CCAK Clean Cooking week 2022 Documentary.

From December 2022, the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum (MoEP) and CCAK have joined forces to embark on a journey towards securing access and adoption of clean cooking fuels and technologies through sustainable markets. This journey has started with Clean Cooking Week 2022 which will create an enabling environment for the market to grow.At the beginning of this journey, it will continue with a series of campaigns and debates organized in various parts of the country that will focus on empowering communities with knowledge about clean cooking.


8. A Chef Finds Community Through Zoom Cooking Class

As a result of the pandemic, chef Luke Donato’s work suddenly came to an abrupt halt. He found solace in teaching cooking classes online, and was surprised to find even deeper meaning in connecting with others through food. His Zoom cooking class allowed him to experience the joy of sharing knowledge about something he loved while building a community that extended far beyond his kitchen walls.


9. African Kitchen Cooking Lunch for Family -Documentary

Take a journey into the bustling African Kitchen, and see firsthand what it takes to cook up a delicious lunch for an entire family. This unique documentary dives deep into the culture of the kitchen, exploring the flavors, textures, and techniques that have been passed down through generations. From toasting spices to finding just the right balance of ingredients, watch as experienced chefs and home cooks alike share their secrets for creating unforgettable meals. Come along as we explore the amazing African Kitchen, and discover what it takes to prepare a family lunch that’s truly fit for a king.


10. Cooking for Solo’s Royal Family – Cooking for the Crown

In the great country of Solo, Indonesia lies the royal family who love to eat. For them, Christian Bauer is a chef with an enviable reputation and a challenge – to create something delicious out of Huzarensla, a traditional Dutch-influenced dish.

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