The 10 Best Documentaries About Atheism

Oct 25, 2023 | Best Of, Religion

Atheism is a subject often thought of as taboo. It’s not something people typically talk about openly, as it can be seen as controversial for some. But documentaries are a great way to explore this topic and learn new perspectives on the matter. We’ve compiled a list of the best documentaries about atheism that will give you an in-depth look at the subject. From entertaining accounts of atheists’ lives, to thought-provoking explorations on religion and faith, these documentaries will have you questioning your preconceived notions and seeing atheism in a new light. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an enlightening experience!


1. A History of Disbelief: Atheism Documentary Episode 1

Trace the evolution of Atheism from its Ancient Greek roots to modern day debates. Jonathan Miller, a playwright and trained medic, provides an engaging overview of how ideas about God have been challenged before the scientific method was introduced. Furthermore, this documentary illustrates how it is possible to refute the concept of God on logical grounds- something that is often overlooked in contemporary Science vs Religion debates. Take a journey through time and explore how Atheism has been shaped throughout history. Gain insight into the arguments that have been presented over the years and draw your own conclusions about this fascinating subject.


2. The Trouble with Atheism (Religious Documentary)

Rod Liddle dives deep into the complicated issue of whether atheists are as close-minded and fervent as some mainstream religious groups. He expounds on the difficult conversations surrounding this debate, exploring it from both sides and presenting his audience with a fair and balanced argument. With interviews, research, and thought-provoking debates, this documentary provides an in-depth look at this controversial and contentious topic. Liddle takes a unique approach to examining the question of whether atheists can be considered as unyielding and rigid in their beliefs, offering an enlightening and comprehensive view of the issue.


3. A Brief History of Disbelief: Atheism Documentary Episode 2

From Ancient Greece to today, Jonathan Miller takes us on an insightful journey of Atheism throughout history. He illustrates how long before the scientific revolution, many philosophers had already challenged traditional beliefs about God. This thought-provoking documentary further demonstrates that a logical framework can refute the existence of God – a notion often disregarded in modern debates between Science and Religion. With captivating footage and enlightening argumentation, Miller goes beyond the surface to explore the depths of Atheist philosophy. It’s a must-see for anyone interested in delving deeper into this complex and significant topic.


4. BBC The Atheism Tapes – Daniel Dennett

The Atheism Tapes is a 2004 BBC television documentary series that examines the history and philosophy of atheism. Presented by Jonathan Miller, this series dives deep into the minds of leading scholars and thinkers in order to explore why some people reject religious beliefs. Through engaging interviews, viewers gain insight into the motivations behind embracing an atheistic perspective on life and how this worldview can be used to shape a meaningful existence. This series also looks at how atheists grapple with some of life’s toughest questions, such as morality and the afterlife. The Atheism Tapes is sure to challenge viewers, regardless of their spiritual perspectives, and provide an opportunity for thoughtful discussion about religion and philosophy.


5. The Fool: Why Ray Comfort Is Atheism’s #1 Clown

You look to the Scriptures and take solace in the stories of individuals who endured adversity before finding success. Joseph spent years in bondage before being gifted a life of prominence; Moses was pushed down before leading his people into freedom with God’s hand guiding each step. These tales teach us lessons about humility, that God often takes someone low before raising them up for His use. Numerous documentaries have been created to explore these topics and help viewers gain more perspective on atheism. From deep dives into the controversial world of religious thought, to uplifting stories of courageous individuals who challenge the status quo, documentaries about atheism are a great way to expand our understanding of faith and humanity.

6. BBC Science Documentary – The Trouble With Atheism

If you’re looking to get an in-depth understanding of atheism, then the BBC Science Documentary – The Trouble With Atheism is a must watch. This award-winning documentary takes viewers on a journey to explore the challenges atheists face in modern society. Through interviews with leading experts from around the world, this gripping film examines how beliefs are shaped and changed over time. You’ll also learn about the history of atheism, and how it has been used to shape world events. This brilliant documentary sheds light on an important social issue and is sure to leave you thinking about the implications of atheism in today’s society. Highly recommended viewing!

7. The Atheism Tapes – Steven Weinberg

In this remarkable documentary, Jonathan Miller and Steven Weinberg have a captivating discussion about atheism. The two discuss how science and religion interact, the historical context of atheism, and its place in society today. With each man bringing unique perspectives to the table, their conversation feels like an informative journey that will leave viewers enlightened on the topic. Each point is thoughtfully considered and every opinion is presented with respect. The discussion makes it clear that science and faith can co-exist without compromising either, making this documentary truly inspiring to watch. It’s a great way to gain insight into atheism from two of the world’s leading minds!

8. What Is Atheism?

Sailing across a vast graveyard, his insight became apparent – death isn’t something to be taken lightly. A meeting with the president of North America’s Freethought Association stirred up much debate, as it brought to light their famous slogan “Don’t bank on God”. What followed was an in-depth exploration into atheism and the underlying philosophies behind it. Through interviews with prominent atheist figures, he uncovered the humanistic implications of this thought process. From understanding what truly drives morality to an examination of how religion has shaped the course of history, his journey took him deep into uncharted territory.

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