The 10 Best Documentaries About The Andes Plane Crash

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In October 1972, a Uruguayan Air Force plane carrying 45 passengers crashed in the Andes mountains. What followed was an epic struggle for survival. Now, decades later, several documentaries have been made to tell this incredible story of human endurance and courage. From first-person accounts to expert analysis of the event itself, these documentaries offer unique perspectives on one of the most harrowing stories ever told. Join us as we explore some of the best films dedicated to bringing this remarkable tale back into public consciousness.


1. Courage and cannibalism: inside the Andes plane disaster

In 1972, a plane journey of 45 passengers ended in tragedy when the aircraft crashed in the Andes mountain range. This documentary tells the story of their survival and courage against all odds as they faced extreme weather, starvation and even cannibalism. From first-hand accounts to expert interviews, discover how these survivors managed to stay alive despite overwhelming conditions. Witness bravery beyond measure as these brave passengers overcame insurmountable circumstances and made it out alive!


2. Rugby Team Crash Lands On Andes And Faces The Unthinkable Taboo

This harrowing story of survival is one that will stay with you forever. Join us in this epic documentary as we follow a group of plane crash survivors, stranded 4000 meters up in the Andes, who are forced to make impossible decisions to survive. With no water or food and facing starvation, they must debate whether to eat the flesh of their lost comrades. Follow them on their 61 day journey as they attempt an incredible rescue mission against all odds in one of the most forbidding environments on earth!


3. [Fusion Power] The Extraordinary Story Of Andes Plane Crash Survivor 1972 Documentary

In 1972, the world was stunned when an Andes plane crash left its passengers stranded in a remote mountain range. This documentary chronicles the extraordinary story of survival and courage that ensued as they fought for their lives against extreme adversity. Get a firsthand account of how these brave individuals tackled incredible challenges to make it home alive, all while learning about fusion power and what it takes to survive in even the most difficult situations.


4. The True Story Behind a Rugby Team’s Plane Crash In the Andes

On Oct. 13, 1972, a plane carrying 45 passengers crashed in the Andes between Chile and Argentina – including the Old Christians Uruguayan rugby team. Little did they know that their rescue would not come for days as they faced an unimaginable ordeal of surviving in the harsh conditions of the mountains. In this documentary we explore how these brave individuals made it through such difficult times and became known as “Andes mountains cannibals.” We uncover their stories of courage and determination to survive against all odds!


5. The Andes: 50 Years Later

Fifty years ago, a Uruguayan Air Force plane carrying a rugby team crashed in the high Andes Mountains. Eduardo Strauch was one of the survivors who experienced extreme hardships such as exposure, starvation and an avalanche during the 72 days of being stranded on the mountainside. In this documentary, he recounts his miraculous story while traveling to the crash site 50 years later. Along with sharing his experiences, Eduardo also talks about how some resorted to Anthropophagy in order to survive these harsh conditions. This is truly an inspiring story that will leave you amazed at what humans can endure!


6. Surviving Plane Crash In Andes

On October 14, 1972, a Uruguayan rugby team was on their way to Santiago Chile for a tournament when their plane encountered turbulence and crashed deep in the Andes. With little food or water and inadequate clothing, thirty-two of the forty-five passengers survived the crash. At night temperatures dropped as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius making survival difficult for them. Follow this story of courage and determination as they fight against all odds to survive in one of nature’s most inhospitable places!


7. Stranded! The Andes Plane Crash Survivors

In October 1972, a student rugby team set out on an adventure to Chile. But their small plane encountered a storm over the Andes and was forced down into the mountains, leaving them stranded in one of the most remote places on Earth. Follow this incredible story as they battle against all odds to survive and make it back alive! Witness their courage and determination in this riveting documentary about hope, strength and friendship.


8. Cannibalism in the Andes | 1972 Plane Disaster Documentary | Trans World Sport

In December 1972, a flight carrying a Uruguayan rugby team disappeared in the Andes. 72 days later, 16 survivors were found alive and well thanks to an incredible story of courage and resilience. It is now known as “The Miracle in the Andes”. This documentary tells their remarkable journey – how they managed to stay alive against all odds by eating from the bodies of their dead friends, and ultimately finding hope and strength within themselves. Follow these brave individuals on this remarkable tale of survival!


9. I Am Alive: Surviving the Andes Plane Crash

This documentary recounts the incredible story of a Uruguayan rugby team who found themselves in an unimaginable situation when their plane crashed into the Andes mountains. This is a heartbreaking tale of courage and survival, as they fought for their lives against all odds. Follow these brave individuals on this journey through despair and hope, as they battle extreme elements to survive. Hear from those involved, including rescuers and survivors, about how fate brought them together during what became one of the most significant events in aviation history.


10. Roberto Canessa relives a plane crash in the Andes 45 years ago

On October 13, 1972, a chartered plane carrying a rugby team to Santiago, Chile crashed in the Andes mountains. Initially 33 people survived and waited for help – but it never came. Temperatures were 22 degrees below zero and after 70 days of waiting two members of the team encountered a shepherd who rode 8 hours on horseback to contact police. The helicopters sent by the police found 14 survivors still at the crash site – weak from hunger and cold. This documentary is their story – an inspiring tale of survival against all odds!


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