The 10 Best Documentaries About The 2008 Financial Crisis

Jul 12, 2023 | Best Of, Disaster, Finance

The 2008 financial crisis was a defining event in recent history, one that had far-reaching economic and social effects all over the world. Yet even in the midst of such turmoil, there were those who sought to document and shed light on what was happening. Through their work, they have given us some of the best documentaries about the crisis and its aftermath.


1. Money, Power and Wall Street

In this award-winning documentary series, Money, Power and Wall Street, FRONTLINE tells the story of the struggles to repair the economy after the 2008 financial crisis. From interviews with bankers, government officials and journalists to exploring key decisions that were missed opportunities for success, viewers will get an inside look at how a new financial order was established. This Emmy Award-winning series also dives into Wall Street’s rise in revenue as well as how their model of producing wealth ended up being its own undoing. Join FRONTLINE’s veteran producers Michael Kirk, Martin Smith, Marcela Gaviria and Tom Jennings on this journey to understand what went wrong—and what could have been done differently—to prevent such economic disaster from occurring again. Support your local PBS station here:​ and watch now!


2. Lehman Brothers – The Bank That Bust The World

Discover the story behind the collapse of Lehman Brothers, one of the key players in the 2008 global financial crisis. In this documentary, we’ll explore what happened leading up to their bankruptcy and how it set off a chain reaction that caused a worldwide recession. Hear from world leaders and CEOs as they discuss their negotiations during this critical time period. Get an inside look into history with our definitive account of the September 2008 fall of Lehman Brothers! Don’t miss out on this fascinating video!


3. How the 2008 Financial Crisis Still Affects You

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4. Age of Easy Money

The U.S. economy is in an uncertain state, and the Federal Reserve has a big role to play. In this two-hour documentary special, we take a deep dive into how the country got here, from high inflation rates to fear of recession and even the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Join us as we trace this path and uncover what it takes for the country’s central bank to keep things stable!


5. Real-life story of “The Big Short”; 2020’s economic emergency; Jerome Powell in 2020

In 2008, the Great Recession rocked the world economy. A decade later, we are facing a new challenge: The COVID-19 pandemic. In this video, Steve Kroft interviews Michael Lewis and Michael Burry about what led to the 2008 crisis and Scott Pelley talks to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell about his concerns for markets in 2020. Learn how these experts assess our current economic situation and get their advice on navigating it!


6. What Happened After the 2008 Financial Crisis?

In 2008, the world was turned upside down by a financial crisis of historic proportions. Stock markets crashed, major banks were on the brink of collapse and governments around the globe scrambled to prop up their economies with stimulus packages and bailouts. Ten years later, people still feel uneasy about what lies ahead as a result of these measures. This video dives into that question: Did we really solve our financial woes or did we just kick them down the road? We explore how this crisis impacted global markets and examine potential solutions for preventing future economic disasters from occurring.


7. Money, Power, Impunity: The Bankers Who Stole The World

Are you curious to know more about the financial titans who caused a worldwide economic crisis? This documentary reveals the truth behind the Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street giants. They put their own greed ahead of morality and made billions while leaving countries in poverty and millions unemployed. We explore how these men committed what seemed like the perfect crime – until it all came crashing down. Watch this eye-opening documentary now!


8. US Banking Crisis: The Truth Behind The Disaster

The economy is in a state of flux and the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and Silvergate bank have been warning signs that something horrible is happening. But what’s really going on? This documentary delves into the truth behind this story, exploring incompetence, changing economic conditions and political lobbying. Get all the details you need to understand what’s really happening in our current economic climate.


9. History of Financial Crisis of 2008 Documentary

The 2008 financial crisis was one of the worst economic downturns in modern history. In this documentary, we take a look at how it all unfolded and explore the key factors that caused the collapse of global markets. We investigate the political decisions that were taken by world leaders and review what lessons can be learned from these events to ensure such a crash never happens again. Join us as we uncover an important part of our recent history!


10. The Almost Recession | Stock Market Crash of 1987

The 1980s were a defining moment for the world financial markets. On October 19th, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its biggest single day drop in history. But it was on Tuesday, October 20th that the New York Stock Exchange came within 5 minutes of total collapse. This documentary takes an inside look at this fateful day and examines how close we were to losing one of America’s most important economic backbones. Join us as we explore how far our economy has come since then and what lessons can be learned from this near-catastrophic event.

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