5 Best Sports Documentaries on Netflix

Oct 27, 2023 | Best Of, Sports

Streaming services are filled with various content for every person. Perhaps you mostly use them to watch movies and shows, but they have other types of content perfect for sports fans.

Baseball, basketball, football, and other sports documentaries can be enjoyed on Netflix, so if you are looking for a different Sunday night plan, you might want to check out these documentaries:


Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Since the rising popularity of race cars in America, there have been several documentaries and movies to learn about the topic. Still, this docuseries might have something to do with recruiting new fans, as, after its release, Formula 1 got a lot more attention, especially in the United States.

The show premiered in 2019, following Daniel Ricciardo and the McLaren team in the first episodes, and became so popular that there have been five seasons to date. It quickly entered Netflix’s Top 10 worldwide thanks to the perspective it shows to the viewer, enjoying the preparations of the racers, the races, the awards, and everything behind the scenes. The show was highly praised as it showcases even the downfalls of the racers, something that is rare for this type of content.

Across the seasons, there are various appearances of Formula 1 big names, such as Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sanz Jr., and the public’s favorite not-so-rookies, Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc, and Max Verstappen, who have gotten a lot of attention lately due to their promising performances.



This isn’t the first documentary about the Brazilian soccer GOAT; still, followers of this sport loved it. Through almost two hours, you will see everything related to Pelé’s career, from his beginnings playing in the streets of his hometown during a troubled time in Brazil until he became the first and only player to win the World Cup championship three times.

Although the documentary mainly focuses on Pelé’s soccer career of twelve years (1958-1970), it also follows his role and impact on his country, as it touches the surfaces of Brazil’s complicated politics at the time.

You will see how he got to play for the New York Cosmos through the eyes of his former peers, family members, politicians, and friends, such as Zagallo and Jairzinho. The movie shows previously unpublished footage of the player’s life as it follows his journey to the top of soccer, with a career of more than 1000 goals through twelve years.

It was directed by David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas and premiered one year before Pelé’s death. It has even been called one of the best movies to portray and honor the legend’s life.


Break Point

From the same producers that created Drive to Survive, this time for tennis fans. Break Point premiered earlier this year, and throughout ten episodes, it follows the biggest names in the game across their journey in all Grand Slams.

While the first part focuses on the Australian Open, the Indian Wells Masters, the French Open, and the Madrid Open, the second part displays Wimbledon, Eastbourne International, Queen’s Club, ATP and WTA finals, and the US Open.

Netflix produced the series in partnership with the Association of Tennis Professionals and the Women’s Tennis Association.

Serena Williams’s retirement announcement after the 2022 US Open, Kyrgios’s attempt to win his first Grand Slam title after his remarkable performance at Wimbledon, Casper Rudd against Rafael Nadal in France, and more of the greatest moments in tennis from last year were displayed in each forty-plus episode.

The behind-the-scenes for the championships can be enjoyed even for those recently getting into tennis, according to The Hollywood Reporter, as it showcases all the physical and mental training it takes these athletes to go through the championships every year. If you watch all these too quickly, you can wait until 2024, as Netflix confirmed there would be a second season.



Even non-football fans know who Patrick Mahomes is. That’s why Quarterback, an eight-episode series covering him, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota throughout the course of the 2022 season, became such a big hit right away.

Produced by NFL legend Peytonn Manning, the series gives unprecedented access to the players as they get ready to play arguably the most challenging position in professional sports. Also, it was the first time the NFL worked side by side with Netflix, leaving the door open for more potential seasons.

According to experts, the show shows a different side of Mahomes, one of the market’s most promising players. He worked with Andy Reid to create the strategies that pushed the Chiefs to their success, though their meetings remained private to the viewer.

This is the first time fans have had such access to everything that happens before and after the games; though there were mixed feelings from the critics, the show was renewed for a second season.


The Last Dance

Every basketball fan is familiar with The Last Dance, as it was one of the main entertainments everyone had during the first stages of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Still, if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should dive into how Michael Jordan became one of the best athletes of all time. Also, if you love basketball, then check out how to bet on your favorite sport here: clutchbuzz.clutchbet.com/

The ten episodes follow the story of the Chicago Bulls during their golden age with Jordan in charge. The docuseries is filled with never-seen-before footage from the 1997-1998 season before Jordan left the team, which gives the name to the series, and when they won the NBA for the sixth time.

The show is in dual-time, as they make flashbacks to the games and the final; it also shows Jordan’s beginnings from high school and college until the end of his time with the Bulls during and off the court.

There were over 90 persons interviewed to create the documentary, including the coach Phil Jackson, fellow player Scottie Pippen, Bulls’ owner Jerry Reinsdorf, and more. The docuseries had a significant impact both in the sports media and pop culture and won an Emmy Award.

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