The 10 Best Documentaries About Pelé

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This is a celebration of the life and legacy of Pelé, one of football’s greatest icons. Through captivating documentaries, this tribute will bring to light his remarkable story and highlight how he rose from poverty to become a global sports icon. With never before seen footage, interviews with family members and colleagues, as well as personal insights into the man himself, He will be an enlightening exploration of a star footballer’s life and career. From his humble beginnings in Brazil to becoming the only three-time World Cup champion, discover Pelé’s unique journey like never before. Join us on this unforgettable journey as we pay homage to one of history’s greatest footballers.


1. The Greatest Football Player Of All Time

Pelé is an iconic figure in the world of football – and for good reason. His talent, dedication and influence throughout his career earned him the title of “The Greatest” from FIFA. During the 20th century, he was one of the most successful and beloved sports icons amongst fans all over the world. From winning three world cups with Brazil to becoming a UN ambassador, his contribution to the game of football and the world itself is undeniable. If you want to learn more about this legendary athlete, these are some of the best documentaries about Pelé that will take you on a journey through his life, legacy, and impact on the sport he loved so dearly.


2. Pele Footballs Greatest Series

Arguably the Greatest Football Player of all time. Pele, a maestro on the pitch and a great gentleman and ambassador off it. The inspiring story of one man’s rise to greatness – from humble beginnings in Brazil to becoming an icon of the game globally, both as a player and an ambassador for his beloved sport. From incredible goalscoring feats with world-famous clubs such as Santos and New York Cosmos to his tireless work in developing the game worldwide.


3. The Strange Case Of Pelé: GOAT or Fraud

When you think of the greatest footballers in history, one name stands out from all others – Pelé. Often referred to as “The King” or simply “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time), Pelé was an absolute phenomenon on the pitch, winning three World Cups and scoring over 1,000 goals. But is he truly the GOAT?There have been claims that Pelé was given an “easy ride” by referees in his heyday, while others have argued that his style of play was too individualistic to be truly great.



Pele’s Story is a documentary exploring the life, accomplishments, and lasting legacy of the one and only soccer legend – Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or Pelé as he’s more commonly known. This film takes an in-depth look at how this Brazilian icon has revolutionized the beautiful game. Featuring interviews with family members, former teammates, and other influential people in his life, this documentary offers viewers a unique insight into one of the greatest athletes of all time. Get ready to witness Pelé’s incredible journey from the favelas of Brazil to international stardom. See how he dominated opponents with his raw skill and passion for soccer and learn why he will always be remembered .


5. Pele | Football Heroes

Pelé is one of the world’s greatest footballers of all time. He has inspired generations of players, and his name has become synonymous with skill and success on the field. This is a documentary that looks at the life, career, and influence of this legendary player.The documentary starts by looking at his childhood in Brazil. Here we see how he developed an early love of football – a passion that would later take him to the top of the game. We then follow his rise to stardom with Santos FC, as well as his time playing for Brazil and captaining them to World Cup glory on three occasions.


6. Pele The King of Football

Celebrate the incomparable life of Pele, a remarkable athlete who left an unforgettable mark in the world of soccer. Admired by millions and hailed as ‘Athlete of the Century’ by the International Olympic Committee, and one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Important People of the 20th Century’, Pele will always be remembered for his unparalleled sporting achievements.His style of play and contagious passion for the game captivated people from all over the globe. Pele revolutionized soccer with his finesse, agility and seemingly effortless performances on the field. He was an inspiration to generations of young players, and remains a global icon even today.


7. Pelé: The Man Who Changed Football Forever

The name Pelé is synonymous with greatness, having not only changed the face of football forever but becoming a global icon. As one of the most gifted and influential players of all time, his legacy still stands as an inspiration to aspiring athletes around the world. Through this documentary, we trace the incredible life and career of Pelé – from his early years in Brazil to his three World Cup victories and beyond.


8. How will Pele be remembered? | Inside Story

How will the world remember the great Pele? He was a master of football, an ambassador for his beloved sport and a giant in the world of sports. His career achievements speak volumes about his skill, but there is more to Pele than just what appears on paper.


9. The greatest football player of all time

Few athletes in the history of sports have achieved as much fame and glory as Pelé, widely recognized greatest football player to ever walk the earth. His unparalleled skill on the pitch earned him three World Cups with Brazil, multiple accolades including Fifa Player of the Century and a standing ovation from over 100,000 fans when he retired in 1977.


10. The Most Complete Player

Pelé is the most legendary player in the history of soccer. His accomplishments and awards made him an icon of the sport, and his unmatched skill on the field earned him universal regard as one of the greatest athletes ever to play the game. Pelé’s extraordinary ability to control a ball with speed and finesse, combined with his uncanny vision and decisive passing, made him a revolutionary force on the pitch. He was an integral part of several World Cup winning squads and led Brazil to three championship titles during his illustrious career.


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