Tough play: China’s pro gamers

Oct 3, 2023 | Aviation, Gaming, Videos

Alice Zhang is a professional gamer living her dream by earning money playing computer games, but the path to success is not easy. In China’s booming gaming scene, one needs to keep winning and attract sponsors to survive. It’s even harder in this male-dominated industry, where teenage boys and men in their early twenties dominate.
Despite the challenges, Alice Zhang has found her way into the professional gaming league, which has become a multi-billion euro business. Players earn up to two million euros per year, and transfer fees have reached levels paid for professional footballers. However, girls like Alice are slowly but surely finding their way into the scene, and this documentary follows her journey to become a professional gamer, showcasing the struggles and triumphs of Alice Zhang in her quest to turn her passion for gaming into a career.

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David B