Climate change: Europe’s first heat officer

Aug 5, 2023 | Aviation, Environmental, Social, Videos

In Athens, Greece, the heat is almost unbearable during summers. Eleni Myrivili, the city’s newly appointed “chief heat officer,” faces the mammoth task of ensuring the survival of Athens by preparing for the consequences of climate change on the city of 3 million residents. As the film crew follows her, they find out that Myrivili’s tasks are not limited to city planning. She is also responsible for providing emergency aid for people directly affected by the heat. Despite the ever-worsening situation, Myrivili has observed a worrying trend: Many people in Athens still accept the heat and climate change as fate. Can she change people’s perceptions?
One possible solution to the heat problem dates back to antiquity. Hadrian’s Aqueduct, a subterranean tunnel constructed under Roman rule, stretches nearly 20 kilometers under Athens. Water from this tunnel will be used to irrigate parks across the city, creating a cool green corridor. But will this be enough to keep the city cool and livable? Join Myrivili and the film crew as they explore the possibilities and challenges in this thought-provoking documentary.

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David B