Nicholas Stern: The state of the climate — and what we might do about it

Aug 4, 2022 | Activism, Environmental, Nature, Videos

In the next few years, we will determine whether the next 100 years will be the best of times, or the worst of times. Do you want to know what will affect those 100 years? Climate change of course.

Climate change is a problem that no single country can solve alone. The problem is way too big, and the solution is way too complex for any country to solve it on its own.

We see the problem getting bigger and bigger with every passing day. Our behavior, and our habits vastly influence climate change. Lord Nicholas Stern is an economist, who in 2014 wrote a report outlining where we are now as society, and what needs to happen, and what could happen next.

His vision is big, but two years in, and we seem to still ignore the problem outlined in the report. We talk about climate change, we have Hollywood actors fighting the battle, but until governments of the world sit down and discuss the problem, we might not get anywhere.

The United Nations holds a Climate Summit each year since 2014. Cities are starting to embrace green living, but there are just few examples like Oslo, Hamburg, Copenhagen and others. Climate change is real, and it is here!

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Riyan H.