Top 7 Latest Documentaries on Netflix

Mar 29, 2024 | Articles, Media

Documentaries provide a unique lens through which we view the world. They possess the power to evoke emotions through empathetic storytelling. Truth-seekers turn to documentaries to gain a larger understanding of the world and the tapestry of human experiences.

These documentaries help us understand and connect with the world around us. Moreover, it reshapes how we perceive different world events. Whether it’s your curiosity, vicariousness, or investigative instincts, there’s much to learn from these documentaries.

The best part is that Netflix has an impressive catalog of these collections to tickle your fancy. The extensive catalog includes provocative history lessons, enthralling celebrity profiles, and unexplained scientific and natural revelations.

The list ranges from critically acclaimed TV shows to scientific marvels from the past and the juiciest stories from around the globe, broken down by experts at online document translation services for your entertainment. No matter your current mood, there’s some riveting story to pique your interest.


History Documentaries

There’s never been a greater need to evaluate our past to understand and build ourselves than now. Here are some of our top picks:

WWII in Color: Road to Victory

One recently added title to the history catalog is the thrilling ten-part documentary series devoted to showcasing major turning points in the Second World War. It’s quite different from other flicks on display, given its in-depth information and never-before-seen-before videos. Moreover, you get in-depth commentaries from experts who divulge succinct information.

Did you think you knew all about Dunkirk? There’s much more! A dedicated episode to Dunkirk expounds on the tactics of both British and German forces. You’ll also understand Winston Churchill’s stance on the war and its immediate impact.

Another thrilling aspect is the narration of the Atlantic Battle. You learn how the war could have turned different if the focus had been on large water fleets to cut Britain completely. Other dedicated episodes include The Liberation of Paris, which focuses on the guerrilla force in Paris.

The Volcano: Rescue From Whakaari

Get to relive one of the history-defining volcanic eruptions in New Zealand as a bunch of tourists scamper for their lives. In 2019, a small island off the eastern coast of New Zealand experienced a volcanic eruption. The eruption met some tourist groups camped near the impact scene with heavy gases and ash plumes rising into the air.

The volcanic eruption claimed the lives of 20 people, with scores of people injured and nursing severe burns. The docu-series features a detailed chronology of the events unfolding, ranging from personalized interviews with survivors and first respondents.


True Crime Documentaries

For lovers intrigued with a little mystery and ready to put on their investigative hats, crime documentaries provide the perfect space to understand the criminal legal justice system.


The surge in cryptocurrencies has unfolded with many stories good enough to make an enthralling documentary. One of the standout stories from the whole shebang was Bitconned. Experience the heart-wrenching story of crypto scammers milking people dry of millions. It is a Wild West story about the unruly crypto space.

Ray Trapani is the story’s villain while co-founding cryptocurrency firm, Centra Tech. Later, he got arrested for a scamming scheme amounting to $25 million in investments. It is an entertainment rollercoaster of emotions and manipulations that saw the orchestrators secure large investments and celebrity endorsements.

Killer Sally

Relive the chilling story of female bodybuilder Sally McNeil, who spent 25 years locked up after murdering his husband. The former US marine and bodybuilder spent the best parts of her life behind bars after getting convicted of murder in 1995.

The riveting storyline recounts the chilling incident with 911 operators reporting shots fired at her residence. But, it isn’t quite black and white since there are tales of rape, abuse, and domestic violence covered in a toxic marriage. Her portrayal in the media also didn’t help her, as many quickly judged her based on her masculine physique.

World’s Most Wanted

The global world is full of criminals who managed to push the envelope with the justice system till it met international attention. The true crime documentary searched for the biggest criminals in the world wanted for heinous crimes. The show discusses the disturbing, violent, and brutal actions of these criminals.

Moreover, some episodes are dedicated to drug-related crimes. All of this provides entertainment and appeals to lovers of true crime series. Some episodes are repetitive, with characters portrayed as rich, violent, and involved in inhumane activities.

One standout criminal in the series is the ‘White Widow.’ She is the sole author of the London 7/7 bombings. It tells a captivating storyline of her violent husband, who passed down the torch upon his death.


Science and Nature Documentaries

Away from the murders and heinous acts, some viewers are intrigued by the power of science in conjunction with nature.

Our Planet II

This is a spectacular tale about the movement of animal species. Learn the science behind animal movements and what necessitates them. The production level is taken a notch higher, with the camera mimicking homeless bees and the melodic narration of David Attenborough.

The hit series makes a comeback on Netflix after four years with more enthralling footage of the marvels of the animal kingdom. Learn about the effects of climate change and ecological degradation on these animals and their habitats.

There’s an extension covering animal species and their ecology, from ants to zebras, grizzly bears, locusts, and penguins. It is an immersive experience that covers dense forests to scorched deserts.

Unknown: The Lost Pyramid

There are still many mysteries surrounding the construction of pyramids in Egypt. Many believe it’s Netflix’s way of apologizing after releasing the terrible Cleopatra film. It is a race against time quest seeking to unearth the hidden treasures beneath the lost pyramids. Dr. Zahi Hawass takes us on an Indiana Jones-esque journey into the crevices of these pyramids dating back 4,000 years.


Final Words

Searching for the truth and harsh realities in the world beckons the thirst for documentaries for most viewers. Netflix does a good job of highlighting some of the riveting stories, history, and hidden secrets unleashed through these documentaries. There are much more untold stories that hang in the distance.

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