The Psychology of High Stakes Poker – What Does it Take to be Successful?

Nov 5, 2022 | Articles, Gambling

Playing high stakes poker is different than regular poker. After all, it is not the same feeling or pressure when you bet 100 or 100,000. Today, we will talk about the psychological aspects of high stakes poker. We will take look into the mindset players need to be successful, how they manage emotions, and how to deal with the pressure of large sums of money on the line.

What are the psychological aspects of playing high stakes poker?

For many players, playing high stakes game of poker can be mentally and emotionally challenging. It is not easy to bet 100,000 and be cold-blooded when you lose it. There are many different aspects that play a role in being successful or not in high stakes poker. Here are some.

– The pressure of playing high stakes poker can be immense and can cause anxiety, stress, and fear of failure in many players. It is important for professional player to learn how to manage this pressure, remain calm, and do not give any hints about their hand
– Simply said, it is a rollercoaster ride of emotion. You can experience extreme highs and lows in a matter of minutes. One minute you win one million dollars, and you lose it the next one. Learning how to control emotions and avoid tilt helps players make rational decisions
– The risk versus reward is huge. The potential rewards can be huge, but so do the risks. Players need to weigh on the potential payoffs against their loses and make decisions based on it
– Discipline is essential. Players have to stick to their strategy and avoid unnecessary risks or make impulsive decisions
– But most importantly, being able to adapt. Adaptability is the key to success. Many times, players have to adjust their strategy based on how the opponent is playing or the state of the game
Generally speaking, playing high stakes poker requires a combination of mental toughness, emotional control, strategic thinking, discipline, and adaptability.

What is the mindset of players?

Without the right mindset, you cannot win in high stakes poker. You should not even enter a high stakes game if you do not have the right mindset.

And with that in mind, the most important thing is confidence. You have to be confident in yourself and believe in your abilities as a player. Trust your instincts and have a positive attitude. Otherwise, you will make irrational decisions.
Patience is another key aspect of the mindset of a winner. This game can be slow and deliberate. If you do not wait for the right opportunity and strike at that point, the risk for taking unnecessary turns is higher.
Players in high stakes games have to have willingness to continue to improve. What worked in the first game will not work in the 10th game, or the 100th one. Players have to commit themselves to continuous improvement and be open to learning new strategies.
As in any sport, studying the game, analyzing your own play, and identifying areas of improvement is key to being a successful player.

How to manage emotions?

As we said before, emotional control might be the biggest challenge of playing high stakes poker. How do poker players remain calm? You might think it is impossible to stay calm during a game when the bet is more than $1 million. But yes, it is possible.

First and foremost, players practice how to stay calm and avoid letting their emotions get the best of them. They are always aware of their emotions and take breaks when they feel overwhelmed. If at any point a poker player feels anxious, angry, or frustrated, they try to take a break and address the source of their emotions.
Another thing they do while playing is focus on the game and stay present in the game. They do not get distracted by external factors or other players. Players do it by using visualization techniques. They visualize themselves succeeding in the game and achieving their goals. It is a boost to their confidence and self-esteem.
But most importantly, players have to learn how to accept losses. Losing is normal part of any game. You cannot dwell on it. Instead, learn from your mistakes and improve your play.

What do famous poker players say about it?

Now let’s finish off with some quotes from famous poker players about high stakes poker and the psychological aspect of it.
– Playing big pots with weak hands is one of the worst things you can do in poker. It’s a recipe for disasterDaniel Negreanu
– Playing poker for a living is a tough gig, but playing high stakes poker is even tougher. You need to be mentally strong, emotionally stable, and have nerves of steel – Phil Ivey
– When you play high stakes poker, you need to be fearless. You can’t be afraid to make big bets and take risks – Tom Dwan

– Playing high stakes poker is not for the faint of heart. You need to be able to handle the pressure, the swings, and the stress of the game – Vanessa Selbst
– In high stakes poker, it’s not about the cards you’re dealt, it’s about how you play them. You need to be able to read your opponents, make smart decisions, and take calculated risks – Antonio Esfandiari

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