The Money Tree Myth: Everything You Need to Know About the Chinese Legend

Sep 26, 2023 | Articles, Strange

Have you ever heard of the Chinese legend of the money tree? It’s a fascinating story that might capture your imagination. But is there any truth to this myth?

Legends and folklore have always played a significant role in shaping cultures and beliefs. Chinese culture is no exception, with a rich tapestry of myths and legends that have been passed down through generations. One such legend is that of the money tree. 

By understanding the story and its cultural significance, we can gain a deeper insight into the values and beliefs of the Chinese people. So, let’s unravel the mystery of the money tree and discover the truth behind the myth.


What is the Money Tree? 

The money tree, also known as the “Pachira Aquatica,” is a popular symbol in Chinese culture that’s believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and good luck. It’s often seen in homes, businesses, and even offices as a decorative plant or bonsai tree.

In Chinese culture, the money tree is associated with strength and power. Some people also say that the money tree can ward off negative energy. This is probably why people believe that it brings good luck to anyone who has it. 


Origin of the Money Tree

The Money Tree is said to have originated in Taiwan, where a poor farmer prayed for wealth and found a small plant growing in his field the next day. 

He took it as a sign of good luck and prosperity and nurtured the plant. As the plant grew, it produced unique five-lobed leaves, which were believed to symbolize the five elements of feng shui – wood, water, earth, fire, and metal. This further enhanced its reputation as a bringer of good fortune.

Over time, the Money Tree gained popularity and spread to other parts of the world, particularly in East Asia. It became a common sight in homes and businesses, as people believed that having a Money Tree would attract wealth and abundance.


More Stories About the Money Tree 

There are many myths and legends about the money tree. One particular story is about a farmer who was given a special seed by an old man. The old man told the farmer to water the plant every day, but the water had to contain the sweat of the farmer. 

To water the tree, the farmer had to sweat every day by working hard. What’s more, when the tree started to sprout, the farmer also had to feed it drops of his blood. The farmer looked after the plant, and when it eventually grew, he saw that it was a money tree that grew coins. 

When the farmer shook the tree, coins would fall, and those coins would be replaced by new ones, which made him extremely wealthy. But there was a moral to this tale. The story shows how only blood, sweat, and hard work can reward you with riches. 


Money Tree Shown in the Media

Art and illustrations 

Artists and illustrators often incorporate the money tree into their works to symbolize wealth, abundance, or good luck. It can be found in paintings, drawings, and digital art, depicting a stylized version of the plant that represents the concept of financial prosperity.

Decorative Items and Merchandise

The money tree is frequently used as a design element on various decorative items and merchandise. It can be found in clothing, accessories, home decor, and even as prints or patterns on products. These items are often marketed as symbols of good luck or as gifts for those seeking financial success.

Fun Games 

Sometimes, the lucky tree of riches has been depicted in games where the thrill of the game is as potent as any lucrative sum. There is also a mobile game called The Money Tree, where you can grow your own tree that has money for leaves. These games may have been inspired by the mysterious tree shown in Chinese folklore. 

Social Media and Internet Memes 

The money tree has gained popularity on social media platforms and internet memes. It’s often used in posts or memes related to money, wealth, or financial goals. People may share images of money trees to express their desire for prosperity or as a representation of their financial aspirations. 


Final Thoughts

The money tree is indeed a real plant, but it doesn’t grow coins or cash like depicted in folklore. Instead, the tree is said to attract riches. If you believe in the tales of the money tree, have one planted in your garden and see if it truly does attract riches into your life. 

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