What is Feng Shui ?

Oct 20, 2022 | Articles, Lifestyle

If you are looking to arrange your home in accordance to Feng Shui or simply trying to purchase one that already has it, we provided some basic rules and guidelines to keep in mind. There are several key areas in every home that need to be arranged in a certain manner in order to boost the level of positive energy in your home. The following elements are to be considered when one is looking to create a good Feng Shui.

A good Feng Shui requires a thorough inspection of the outside elements that could impact the level of positive energy in your home such as Sha Chi, the attacking and Si Chi or low energy. Elements that have a negative impact and need to be avoided are sloped backyard, a house with a T junction, the proximity of a railroad and a cul-de-sac house. L:

The front door of your home has to have a good energy flow, also smooth, clear and strong. Things to avoid in this matter are doors that are blocked by a tree, a garbage bin, old pans and shoes. Also refurbish them if it needs to be done.L:

Main Entry Quality of Energy

The purpose of a good main entry is to receive, amplify and distribute the positive energy throughout your home. In order for a home to have a good Feng Shui, positive energy needs to be drawn to the home and distributed through the entire place, most importantly to the bedroom and the kitchen. Things to avoid when the main entry is concerned are putting mirrors to the opposite side of the main door, alignment of the front and back door and the proximity of the front and bathroom door. L:

The Feng Shui Trinity Strenght

There are three main centers of energy in every home which are the key to a good Feng Shui. The most relevant rooms in every home are the bathroom, bedroom and the kitchen. The entire energy quality rests in the Feng Shui of these three rooms. There can never be a balanced, positive and strong energy in your home until these three rooms are arranged in accordance to the rules of Feng Shui. L:

Feng Shui Energy Freshness

The key to a good, well balanced and a positive Feng Shui throughout your home is an unobstructed flow of energy. All things that are blocking the energy flow, old or stagnant items, must be removed. We live in a dynamic environment and in order to have a constant positive energy flow we must act in accordance. Having a Feng Shui arranged home is an ongoing process in which we constantly change things thus allowing the free flow of positivity. The clutter that you may have in your home or basement will definitely obstruct Feng Shui and it must be avoided at all costs. Clearing of your living space, garage and basement is recommended on a weekly basis. Other important factors for a good energy flow are meaningful décor, well lit living space and fresh air flow. L:


We provided the basic guidelines for the making of a good Feng Shui and hopefully you have a better insight on how to improve the living quality in your home. Keep in mind that the best way to maintain a good energy in your home is to be positive, fresh and creative.

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