The History Behind 5 Famous Casino Documentaries

Jan 8, 2024 | Articles, Media

There are tons of documentaries out there that focus on the phenomenal world of casinos and all that they mean to us – and if you’re looking to learn about the most incredible options out there for your next film night, buckle up; we’ve got lots for you to see!

Gamblers everywhere are interested in learning about the history of the games that they love, finding out where they came from and how they developed, and what different iterations they’ve had throughout the years! There is some fascinating stuff to learn that even the most experienced gamblers don’t yet know, so let’s crack on this.

1. Life On The Line

Want to get to grips with the lives behind the most dedicated sports bettors in the whole of Las Vegas? Sports betting is its entirely own breed of gambling, and it’s one that generates phenomenal passion among its fans – meaning that there are some incredibly famous and skilled people in this space, such as Teddy Covers.

People who want to understand more about how sports bettors can and literally do earn their living in this way will love the documentary, and if you’re thinking you want to get into this world yourself, this is a wonderful way to dip your toes in.

And if it gets you in the mood for some actual sports – well, we’ve got you covered with the best sports documentaries currently on the books! Flip to one of these when you’ve finished, and you’ll have a wonderful evening ahead of you.

2. Bet Raise Fold: The Story Of Online Poker

Poker has to be one of the most beloved and well-known games in the world of casinos, and this incredible documentary pays homage to it and all that it has done. It’s set during the early 2000s when the poker boom was drawing thousands to the gambling scene, and it checks out the development of new players just stepping into casinos and establishing their game online as a whole new playing technique opened up.

If you want to watch all the glamor of poker, in a live dealer casino, this documentary offers it all. It also checks out how the US government’s “Black Friday” affected the poker community, and what it meant for the players out there. A bit of history can make your weekly games night even more enjoyable, so check out these options and start up your education in style!

3. Inside The Edge: A Professional Blackjack Adventure

For the passionate blackjack player, Inside the Edge offers you an opportunity to dive into the life of a blackjack card counter who is trying to find a way to outsmart the casinos and give himself an edge. The man must deal with risk management and keep to the shadows as he works against the big establishments and tries to turn the tables in his favor – permanently.

It’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, but if you love watching the most elite gamblers on the planet, why not give it a spin (okay, it’s not roulette, but even so)? Plus, it’s got suspense and subterfuge galore – sure to entice those who love the thrill of gambling.

4. Cheating Las Vegas

Fascinated by what the gamblers do, say, and try in their endless quest to beat the odds and take home all that they can in terms of the prizes, this documentary plunges headlong into the most phenomenal and intricate strategies that have ever been used by gamblers and con artists over the years. Dive headlong into the world of Las Vegas: you’re on a roller-coaster ride through a story that is almost unbelievable. A few counterfeit coins, an intriguing jeweler, and you’ve got a documentary to keep you at the edge of your seat!

Of course, we’re not recommending this one as a way of learning how to cheat the casinos yourself, because it’s certainly not happening – but wow, it offers a lot for the watchers in terms of fascinating approaches and the amazing things that players come up with as they try to master this world and make it their own.

5. A Kid’s Game: The Story Of Online Poker

Ever wondered how the most dedicated and incredible poker players first got their feet wet in the river of gold that is poker? There are many noticeably young poker stars out there – and if you think it’s only over-18s (because let’s face it, legalities), you’d be wrong. That’s one of the things that makes this documentary so interesting – it slips into the world beyond the law and uncovers the mysteries of underage gambling.

It also delves into the psychological aspects of extreme success and wealth, and the draw of money for young people with truly little life experience. It’s quite a ride, and for anybody interested in the gambling world, this is another of the biggest must-watch options!

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