The Best 6 Documentaries About Bloods And Crips

Jun 27, 2023 | Articles, Best Of, Crime

The rivalry between the Bloods and the Crips has been ongoing since the 1960s. This gang feud started as a result of poverty and racism in America, with the first two gangs originating from Piru Street in Los Angeles, California. The Bloods were founded by an East Coast R&B group called The Jive Five, while Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams formed The Crips a few years later. Nowadays, both gangs have extended their reach worldwide with over sixty thousand members between them. In this article we will explore why these gangs exist and how viewers can protect themselves or their loved ones from being involved. We will also look at six documentaries about Bloods and Crips which offer insights into this longstanding issue for movie aficionados and documentary viewers alike.

Through these films, we can begin to understand the history of these two gangs, their culture and the effects they have had on society over time. So if you want to dive deeper into this complex feud and get an inside look at Bloods and Crips, read on!



1. Inside a Gang Initiation with the Silent Murder Crips

JT, a young man from Brooklyn, was searching for something that would give him the sense of family and protection. After exploring his options he decided to join the Silent Murder Crips, a gang in the area. He was ready to take on whatever it took to become an official member – even if that meant enduring beatings from his “friends”. We followed JT on his journey to understand what drew him to this type of lifestyle, and the things he had to do for initiation. It was fascinating to see how movie aficionados and documentary viewers could learn from such a unique experience. Through it, we were able to gain insight into the allure of joining a gang, and just what’s involved in becoming ‘made’.



2. LA Gang Wars

Los Angeles Gang Wars takes viewers on a unique journey into the lives of young gang members trapped in an all-consuming cycle of violence. Combining expert insight and first-hand accounts, this documentary provides unprecedented access into the unseen depths of LA’s underbelly.

Two OG’s (elders) and two teenage members document their own struggles with video diaries, and viewers get to see the effects of death both firsthand and through others in this war.

Strikingly, the film also features Father Stan Bosch, a priest devoted to saving these kids from self-destruction, as well as a teenager who miraculously escapes before our eyes. LA Gang Wars is an honest, candid look at the complexities of life in a gang war, giving movie aficionados an authentic experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.



3. Bloods and Crips: L.A. Gangs The Rise of Two Street Gangs

In the late 1800s, Los Angeles was a small town in Southern California with a population of less than 10,000 people. Over the next century however, the city went through an immense transformation due to immigrants from all around America coming in droves looking for work on one of Los Angelas’ many farms and factories. This period saw a huge influx of different cultures and religions, which clashed heavily due to a lack of integration. People from different ethnic backgrounds had few opportunities to learn about each other and the prevailing view was that theirs was the only culture worth knowing.

This clash eventually led to an increase in violent crimes such as assault or murder as tensions between these various groups increased. In order to gain more insight into this period of American history, movie aficionados and documentary viewers have turned to films about Bloods and Crips.


4.Crips & Bloods Documentary 2021

In the late 1960s, two powerful forces clashed in Los Angeles as gangs of teenagers from South Central L.A (the Crips) and various ethnic groups from Compton, Watts, East LA and San Diego (the Bloods) vied for supremacy. Today, these vibrant and complex organizations are still standing – a testament to the strength and resilience of their members. Documentaries about Bloods and Crips offer a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of these gangs and their unique codes of honour, as well as providing an invaluable resource for those looking to understand their impact on society.


5. The Ongoing War Of The Crips and Bloods

Movie aficionados and documentary viewers alike can get a firsthand view of the notorious Bloods and Crips when they watch this gripping film. Taking an up-close look at the conditions that have resulted in decades of violence between young African Americans in South Los Angeles, this hard-hitting documentary provides insight into one of the nation’s most enduring gang rivalries.


6. Inside LA’s Most Dangerous Hoods – Meeting Bloods & Crips

Exploring one of the most notorious neighbourhoods in America, HoodVlogs ventured into South Central LA and encountered a world of crime, community, hope and despair.

The viewers were taken on an incredible journey into the lives of Bloods & Crips – defying popular opinion and giving an unexpected insight into the life of residents. Despite its reputation for danger and violence, the reception HoodVlogs received was very warm, giving them a unique look into this often-misrepresented part of America.

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