The 7 Best Documentaries About Hollywood Scandals

Aug 16, 2023 | Articles, Best Of, Celebrities, Crime

If you’re in the mood for a good Hollywood scandal, there’s no better way to enjoy it than through the lens of some of the best documentaries about Tinseltown’s dirtiest secrets. The stories are captivating, full of twists and turns, and provide an intimate glimpse into a world many people only dream about.


1. Biggest Hollywood Scandals That History Forgot

From the roaring ’20s to the psychedelic ’60s, Hollywood was a land of glamour and excess. Self-indulgence was common among the stars during this era, but it didn’t come without consequences. Get ready to be shocked by some of history’s forgotten controversies that rocked Tinseltown!


2. Tragic Sex Scandals In Palm Springs

Hollywood has a golden past filled with larger than life legends. But what lies beneath the glitz and glamour? A darker side of old Hollywood scandals often plagued the entertainment industry behind closed doors. From stars forced into abortions to maintain their image to impressionable kids being hooked on substances, these secret stories were kept tightly under wraps by studios.


3. Biggest SCANDALS That Hollywood Tried To Hide

Ready for an exploration of the wild stories behind Hollywood’s Golden Age? From far-reaching cover ups to starlets living it up, you won’t believe the juiciest scandals from your favorite stars’ pasts! The 1920s and 1960s were booming periods for cinema – but with success came temptation.


4. Celebrity Scandals That Were Covered Up By Hollywood

Welcome to Beyond the Screen Elite! We have scoured the archives, dug up all the dirt on Hollywood’s biggest names and are now ready to reveal what we’ve found. Bill Cosby had many secrets hidden in plain sight; Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple people; and Harvey Weinstein is probably the most infamous Hollywood scandal of recent times.


5. Hollywood’s Hidden Secrets

Lauren Bacall takes you on a journey through Hollywood’s darker side, narrating stories of tragedy, scandal, death and curses that have plagued the world of celebrity. From mysterious passings to dark secrets kept hidden for years, this gripping film dives into the seedy underbelly of an industry that often hides more than it reveals.


6. Hollywood, Scandals And Tragedies

Hollywood is a place of glitz and glamour, but it’s also synonymous with scandals and tragedies. From the infamous murders of Sharon Tate to the downfall of Hollywood’s biggest stars, these stories are as fascinating as they are tragic. Take a look at some of the best documentaries that explore some of Hollywood’s greatest debacles.


7. Old Hollywood Scandals You’ve Never Heard Of

You’d think these forgotten Hollywood scandals had been sealed away in the past, but they still remain ripe for exploration. This list looks into some of the most surprising stories from Old Hollywood that you may not have heard before! From Alfalfa’s tragic demise to Errol Flynn’s court trial and even Spade Cooley’s murder.





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