The 7 Best Documentaries About Harvey Weinstein

Oct 14, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Crime, Sexuality

The story of Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood producer and convicted rapist, is one that has captivated audiences around the world. From his meteoric rise in the film industry to his spectacular fall from grace, it’s a narrative that has become well known over the past few years. Yet with so much information out there on this controversial figure, where can people go to learn more about his story? The answer lies in some of the most captivating documentaries on Weinstein that have been released to date.


1. Weinstein (full documentary)

Weinstein, the major motion picture documentary about Harvey Weinstein is now available for viewing. Utilizing a comprehensive look at the life and career of this Hollywood mogul, audiences are presented with an in- depth exploration into the life and times of one of the most influential figures in entertainment. From his rise to power as a powerful producer to his eventual downfall due to numerous.


2. Beyond Boundaries (2018) | Harvey Weinstein Scandal Documentary

Beyond Boundaries is an engrossing documentary about the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein. The film explores the decades of sexual misconduct allegations and the fall from grace of one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers. Directors Isabel Bethencourt and David Heilbroner draw upon archival footage, interviews with those close to Weinstein, and testimony from survivors to paint a portrait.


3. Untouchable Intocable 2019 Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein has been a controversial figure for decades. His actions have sparked heated debates, riveted audiences in documentary films, and made him the subject of intense scrutiny. The 2019 documentary Untouchable: Intocable offers an unflinching look into the life and legacy of Harvey Weinstein, exploring his rise to fame from humble beginnings as an aspiring filmmaker.


4. EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Harvey Weinstein trial and his guilty verdict | 60 Minutes Australia

Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced movie mogul, was recently found guilty of third-degree rape and criminal sexual assault. The public has witnessed many stages of this trial- from the accusations beginning to come out in 2017, through his arrest in 2020, and finally as he awaits sentencing. But what does this verdict mean for Hollywood?


5. Harvey Weinstein: Ex-assistant Speaks Out on ‘How Hollywood kept Harvey’s secret’

‘How Hollywood kept Harvey’s secret’—it is a shocking documentary about the former movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein. In the film, an ex-assistant of Weinstein describes how Hollywood allowed him to perpetrate his crimes against women for so long. The assistant recounts how she and other women were intimidated and coerced into silence by Weinstein’s powerful celebrity machine.


6. Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood and the media – The Listening Post

The media’s spotlight on Harvey Weinstein has been a captivating one, unfolding like an intense drama. As the story unfolded, more details emerged and shocked audiences around the world. A new documentary entitled “The Listening Post” takes viewers inside the tumultuous events that took place in Hollywood surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct. From interviews with victims to legal experts, this compelling film.


7. The Harvey Weinstein scandal, the documentary

Harvey Weinstein – a name that sent shockwaves through the film industry, sparking outrage and inspiring a movement of voices to speak out and stand together against sexual misconduct. The scandal was an unprecedented moment in Hollywood history but it also opened up new conversations about the power dynamics in the entertainment world. Captivating documentaries have been released that explore Harvey Weinstein’s actions and their reverberations.


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