The 12 Best Relaxing Videos on YouTube

Jan 9, 2024 | Articles, Health

Today, it can be challenging to find time to relax and destress. With endless responsibilities and distractions demanding our attention, carving out time for self-care is crucial. One platform that offers an abundance of tools and resources for relaxation is YouTube.

From hours-long nature soundscapes to brief guided meditations, YouTube provides a vast library of content to help calm the mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you have five minutes or five hours, YouTube has relaxing videos to transport you to a more peaceful state of being. To help, here is a handpicked list of 12 of the most relaxing videos on YouTube.

1. 10 Hours of Oceanscapes by BBC Earth


This stunning video from BBC Earth features 10 hours of relaxing underwater scenes from oceans around the world. Watch schools of fish, rays, sharks, and more marine life swim through crystal-clear waters. The ocean sounds in the background enhance the hypnotic effect. It’s perfect for falling asleep or just zoning out after a stressful day.


2. Soothing Nature Scenes with Relaxing Music

Escape into nearly 3 hours of beautiful nature visuals set to gentle, calming music. Majestic mountain vistas, flower-filled meadows, trickling streams, and more perfectly peaceful landscapes pass by. It’s an ideal video for napping, meditation, or just enjoying a mental reset.


3. Most Popular Relaxing Videos from Soothing Relaxation

With over 10 million subscribers, Soothing Relaxation is one of the most popular relaxation channels on YouTube. This playlist compiles some of their best sleepytime and stress-relief content. From “Celestial White Noise” to “Forest Night Sounds”, there are hours of blissfully chill videos to choose from.


4. 11 Hours of Autumn Scenes in 4K

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of fall with this ultra high-def nature compilation. Crisp red and golden trees set against blue skies create a feast for the eyes. Pair it with coffee, tea, or cocoa for the perfect cozy autumn atmosphere.


5. The Most Relaxing 4 Minutes on the Internet

The bold claim in the title is well-earned. This 4-minute escape packs a ton of calming vibes into a short time span. Creative visuals that morph and change backed by ambient music make for a mini-meditative experience. It’s proof that relaxation can come in small doses too.


6. 11 Hours of Tropical Island Sounds

Transport to a tropical paradise with 11 hours of island audio. Soothing beach waves, gentle seabird calls, and light tropical music set the stage. Kick back and imagine yourself on a peaceful getaway in this island oasis.


7. Casino Ambience ASMR

For some, the sounds of a casino can be surprisingly relaxing. This one-hour video features ambient casino noise – slots spinning, cards shuffling, chips clinking. The repetitive and rhythmic sounds tap into ASMR triggers for some listeners. Let the immersive background audio transport you into a casino atmosphere without the chaos or crowds. It’s an unexpected way to find zen. If you have an urge to play online casino games, you can try some of the biggest online casinos.


8. Oddly Satisfying Compilation

Sometimes relaxation comes from the oddly satisfying. This eclectic video compilation has a bit of everything, from kinetic sand cutting to paint mixing. The smooth visuals and sounds tap into ASMR triggers for the brain. It’s perfect for when you need to reset with something unexpected.


9. Soothing Music with Cats

Need we say more? This delightfully simple concept pairs calming music with adorable footage of cats playing, napping, stretching, and being their cute selves. It’s a double dose of relaxation – one for the eyes and one for the ears. The perfect de-stress combo.


10. Top 100 Best Hydraulic Pressing Compilation

Oddly satisfying slime videos have become a surprise relaxation genre. The smooth textures, mesmerizing movements, and lack of talking make them perfect for ASMR. Hydraulic Press Channel has a lot of such videos that check all the boxes for hypnotic relaxation.


11. 3 Hours of Amazing Nature Scenery & Relaxing Music for Stress Relief

This video features three hours of breathtaking nature scenery accompanied by relaxing music. The video is ideal for sleep, study, meditation, and yoga, providing a peaceful backdrop that can help viewers relax and relieve stress.


12. Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep

Meditation teacher Michael Sealey has an entire channel devoted to relaxation through hypnosis and meditation. This sleep-focused video uses soothing visuals and Sealey’s gentle guidance to lull you into slumber. If you have trouble quieting your mind at bedtime, this is the video for you.


Final Words

YouTube offers endless options when you want to relax, destress, meditate, or just zone out. This list covers a wide range of genres – ASMR, nature scenes, ambient music, guided meditation, painterly creativity, and more. Hopefully, it serves as a helpful starting point for your own YouTube relaxation journey. Just cue up a video, sit back, and let your mind unwind.

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