New Jersey Transgender Policy Guideline Unconstitutional?

Mar 3, 2024 | Articles, News

The Transgender Policy Guideline, previously presented by Gov. Phil Murphy, caused a public outcry. In particular, many activists noted that it is contrary to the constitutional rights of the parents of students planning a sex change.

Thus, the manual contains an official prohibition for teachers and schools to inform parents about potential gender problems of students. It extends to all situations, including the conscious desire to change gender.

According to Mark Cytomer, an attorney for the Marlboro School Board, the position expressed by the governor is contrary to both common sense and well-established case law of the US Supreme Court: “Parents have a constitutional right to direct and control the upbringing of their children.”

Given the fact that the governor is instructing school representatives to hide serious information, such as gender issues and the desire to change sex from families of students, he is directly harming boys and girls. Both lawyers and many specialized organizations, including the International Youth Coalition, insist on the legal right of parents to make decisions regarding their child’s health. However, the presented guidance deprives mothers and fathers of this opportunity, encouraging family separation with all the ensuing consequences.

It is especially worth paying attention to the financial side of the issue if the boy or girl is not limited to changing the image and decides to use hormonal therapy, undergo a sex change surgery, and replace documents. In this case, you will definitely need material support from your parents, and sometimes, there is a need for quick loans Payday Depot. However, the presented guidance deprives mothers and fathers of this opportunity, encouraging family separation with all the ensuing consequences.

Based on the preceding, lawyers and activists conclude that the Governor’s leadership is ignoring the legal process in force and denying parents access to medical information regarding their children. Even the Supreme Court confirms that in making difficult decisions, a child may need the help of parents with sufficient experience and the ability to make judgments.

Thus, despite the seeming care for transgender people, the new leadership can devastate families. It forces students and educational institution representatives to hide the child’s critical features and their potential plans for sex change from parents.


At the same time, the only correct solution in the situation with transgender students is to unite the efforts of all parties. As Republican Steve Dnistrian, a candidate for the State Senate, said, parents, teachers, and school boards should work together to find a solution to a complex problem. He called the measures proposed by the Democrats arbitrary and wrong.

The transgender leadership situation is just one example of the challenges members of the LGBT community face in building an inclusive environment in New Jersey. At first glance, the state government is interested in creating an inclusive environment for all members of society. In children’s groups, this issue is especially relevant. However, in practice, some actions are useless or aggravate the problem.

It is essential that all interested parties take part in the discussion of the future of certain social groups. The measures currently being taken remain largely ambiguous and require further adaptation.

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Thomas B.