Five HIV/Aids conspiracy theories

Aug 2, 2022 | Articles, Conspiracy, Health, Medicine, Science

HIV/AIDS is one of the top five deadliest viruses in the modern century. The problem with HIV is that there is no functional cure for it. Up until now, there hasn’t been a procedure or some type of medication that has been scientifically and medically proven to be successful and reliable. There is nothing that has been proven to eliminate the virus. And as is the case with many other viruses, there are countless of conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus. People always talk, but in the case of HIV/AIDS, an argument can be made for some conspiracy theories.

CIA created HIV

The first HIV/AIDS epidemic was reported in 1981, prompting rumors that the virus was created in a laboratory to serve as a weapon. The argument is that CIA (American Central Intelligence Agency) created the virus in an effort to wipe out African Americans and homosexuals. Back in the time, homosexuality was considered taboo topic in the US, and it was still gaining ground. Nowadays, the homosexual lobby in the States is powerful. But back then, it was believed that the US government injected homosexuals with the deadly virus during the 1978 hepatitis-B experiment that occurred in New York. In 2014, Ryan Murphy made a movie for the crisis, The Normal Heart and Matt Bomer won a Golden Globe for best supporting actor.

Wangari Maathai, an ecologist from Kenya, used her speech when she won the Nobel Prize to support the theory that CIA used the HIV/AIDS virus to inject it in African Americans.

OPV theory

OPV, or the Oral polio vaccine is another medicament that is part of conspiracy theories linked with the HIV/AIDS. Edward Hooper takes all the credit for this conspiracy theory. In 1999, he published his hypothesis in an OPV AIDS hypothesis. In his thesis, he argued that early batches of the OPV vaccine that were grown in cultures of chimpanzee kidney cells, and that were infected with a virus from a chimpanzee were actually the original source for the HIV in Central Africa.

However, once a vial of the batch was found in storage in the UK, the theory lost ground. The analysis of the vial found no HIV sequences or chimpanzee cells. The analysis did find traces of macaque mitochondria. Another five samples were found at the storage of Wistar Institute, and neither found chimpanzee DNA. In 2004, the hypothesis was finally described as “refuted” by the journal Nature.

World Health Organization

Another theory suggests that the World Health Organization, one of the leading organizations regarding human’s health in the world is responsible for the deadly virus. The theory starts with the findings and the hypothesis of Dr. William Campbell Douglas. As with many other conspiracy theories, Douglas believed that the virus was created and then used in Africa. The idea, according to Dr. William is that in 1974, the World Health Organization created the killer virus in one of their labs, and then used it in Africa in an effort to reduce the population on one of the poorest continents.

Hepatitis B theory

This theory is very similar to the theory that CIA created the virus. They are actually linked, but it can also be viewed and explored as an individual theory. The theory suggests the same idea, that the HIV virus was injected via hepatitis B vaccine in 1978. But the Hepatitis B theory, as an individual theory, has been researched by the dermatologist Alan Cantwell. He published two books on the matter, “AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic” in 1988 and “Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot” in 1993.

In his books, Cantwell argues that vaccines were injected in the major cities in the US and that the experiment was directed and conducted by Wolf Szmuness. Other scientists that have supported the theory include Milton William Cooper, Robert B. Strecker and Matilde Krim.

Smallpox theory

The smallpox vaccine theory gain ground in 1987 after an article was published in the Times. In the article, an unnamed source and advices of WHO (World Health Organization) said “I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation to the explosion of Aids”. Back then, smallpox were considered deadly virus and one that caused serious health complications. In the Times article, there was a case mentioned of a military recruit who died from “dormant HIV” just few months after receiving the smallpox vaccine. However, there was no citation about people who were previously not infected with HIV. Nowadays, HIV is considered as a contraindication of the smallpox vaccine.

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