Enchanted Well in Brazil – A remarkable remote natural wonder


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Enchanted Well in Brazil – A remarkable remote natural wonder

Lit by direct sunlight between 10:30 and 12:30, the well is a somewhat of a miracle. The direct sunlight allows a breathtaking view down through 61m of turquoise blue water so clear that small stones can be seen at the bottom

The enchanted well, or also known as Poco Encantado, is located at Chapada Diamantina in Bahia, Brazil. Located in the heart of Bahia in the middle of landscape of mountains, large plateaus, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, caverns, and transparent pools.
Lit by direct sunlight between 10:30 and 12:30, the well is a somewhat of a miracle. The direct sunlight allows a breathtaking view down through 61m of turquoise blue water so clear that small stones can be seen at the bottom.

The well is located in one of the many caverns in the area. It remains the most famous postcard view from Chapada.
It is approximately 400km (250 miles) inland from Salvador, the capital town of Bahia. The inspiring feature consists of crystal clear water, even pebbles and tree stumps can clearly be seen.
It is more than 120 feet deep, but you can still see the bottom.

How it Forms?

The gorgeous well was formed through erosion of an underground river in the surrounding limestone environment.
When the sun is just right, the light comes through a gap, creating a blue reflection on the water. It is certainly worth a watch view.
A small crevice allows the infiltration of sunlight at certain times, causing a magnificent waterfall of pale blue light. That is one amazing picture, right? The sunlight ray reflected by minerals in the water, namely magnesium, conceives a unique azure site interior.

The well is most beautiful between April and September. During this period, the alignment occurrence happens in a way that rays hit the deep ground of the azure well interior of the cave.
Yet, if you like something different, between October and stride, you have the indistinguishable exquisite scene under the moonlight.
Access to the enchanted well is highly controlled for the environmental protection of its rare and delicate ecosystem.

Random Unique Facts

- In Portuguese, the place is known as Poco Encantado, but it shouldn’t be confused with the waterfall of the same name, Cachoeira Poco Encantado
- Found in a dolomite cave, the well contains one of the few populations of blind catfish, which has the scientific name Rhamdiopsis krugi. These fish are endemic to the area
- It is situated outside of, but near the Chapada Diamantina National Park
- The place is famous for its highly transparent people, allowing people to see through to the cavern floor
- Depth can reach up to 197 feet, and it is up to 361 wide at its widest point
- More than 7,000 tourists visit the place each year. Entrance is payable to the well
- The area is home to more than 10 species of bats. Sometimes, frogs and snakes visit the area
- The place was closed for tourists from 2008 to 2010

- Due to its fragile ecosystem, numbers of visitors are limited in each group. Swimming in the water has been banned since 1990
- Many people consider the beautiful part of the world remarkably remote
- Ongoing monitored preservation efforts remain in place to protect the fragile ecosystem
- Most of the animal life in the enchanted well evolved as indigenous to only a few areas of the world. But some appear nowhere else on earth

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