7 Weird Marriage Rituals from around the World

Dec 16, 2022 | Articles, Lifestyle, Sexuality

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You might think that in the 21st century, rituals and old beliefs are a thing of the past. However, for many tribes in Africa, rituals are still part of their lifestyle. And this applies mostly to sex and marriage rituals. Even though on first glance, most of the rituals are weird and inappropriate, the logic is there. Modern society might not be able to grasp the rituals, but they are still followed by some tribes. Here are some of the weirdest and wackiest marriage and sex rituals from around the world.

Gifts for Sex

Some Brazilian tribes believe that the women have to be wooed in order to have sex with them. Therefore, they have a ritual of giving gifts to women in order to convince them to have sex. All of the tribe members that want to have sex with the woman gather around, and they compete. The one that has the best and most beautiful gift, and probably the most worthy gift, gets to have sex with the woman. Talk about paying for sex.

Sex to Cleanse the Spirit

When the spouse of a woman in Ghana dies, the girl must cleanse her spirit. In order to do that, the widow needs to spend a night with a stranger. It doesn’t matter who the stranger is, whether he is local or a tourist, as long as he is stranger for her. Relatives do not count. This way, the woman cleanses her spirit after the passing of her husband, so she can continue with her normal life.

Sex is OK, Sharing a Meal is Not

When it comes to weird rituals and beliefs, few tribes can beat tribes from Papua New Guinea. In one of the tribes in Papua New Guinea, sex before marriage is considered ok, and it is not a problem. However, sharing a meal between the two sex partners is not allowed until they get married. Even more interesting, sexual life for tribe members starts at a very young age, as the girls can have sex from age 6 to age 8, while boys start their sexual adventure at the age of 10 and 12 years.

Teachers for Sex

In other tribes in Africa, sex is allowed at very young age as well. Which is interesting, since some modern societies and religious people consider sex to be allowed only when in marriage. But in a community in Mangaia, boys are allowed to have sex from the moment they turn 13 years old. The same doesn’t apply for women, however. Boys, on the other hand, get to have sex with elder women, with the sole purpose to learn how to last longer and how to please their female partners.

Audition for the Perfect Partner

A tribe in Parent, Africa, has a weird ritual how to find the perfect partner for the girl. The tribe believes that sex plays a huge role in finding the perfect match. And in that spirit, the tribe builds small house outside their main house. In the small house, the girl that is supposed to get married spends nights with strangers. It is all considered an audition for the perfect man, and the one that pleases her the most, gets to be her future husband.

Sharing is Caring

In Nepal, people usually have limited fields. Usually, several brothers work on just one field. In order to protect their assets, and keep the fields from dividing, brothers in some tribes in Nepal share their women. This way, the brothers can keep the field, and still have a woman to please their sexual and marriage needs.

Sex = Food

In some Brazilian tribes, sex is considered healthy food for your body. In order to best show that belief, some tribes in Brazil use the same term for eating, and for sex. Both food and sex are considered healthy for the body.


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