5 Documentaries to Boost Your Career

Aug 9, 2023 | Articles, Education, Media

Looking for the best documentaries to boost inspiration to advance your career? Yes, documentaries can be your guides in reshaping your career for greater success. These popular documentaries here tell real-life stories and throw light on valuable areas of success, innovation, and dedication. Whether you’re in business or a job, these five top documentaries offer a totally new perspective on how to scale new heights in your career. Let’s explore the best five documentaries that focus on the lives of the rich and famous who have always been inspired by their innovative minds and success-oriented mindsets.


Becoming Warren Buffett

This famous documentary takes us on a journey through investment tycoon Warren Buffett’s life. It perfectly covers everything – right from his simple beginnings to being a successful investor whom we all admire. We see how strongly he has worked and how much he loved learning the aspects of investing. His way of investing, known as value investing, is covered in great detail. It tells how he always looks for companies that are worth more than other investors think. He then acquires them at lower prices and then turns their fortune in a very quick period of time.

Even at 92 today, as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett spends lots of time reading books, newspapers, and magazines and keeps learning how money works. The documentary shows his smart moves in using investment as a way to become a powerful investor who owns some of the best brands in the US. It also shows how he learned from other great investors of his time and made his own investing style to be known as one of the smartest persons who knows what he is investing in.

Watching inspirational documentaries and movies does wonders for your career goals. But there are many more resources that can help you in your pursuits. The expertly written essays about career goals serve as great free examples that can boost your confidence and give you motivation. Students can also look for research papers and academic-focused articles if they need a more formal style of resources instead of more entertainment-oriented documentaries.



This popular documentary teaches us that we have the ability to understand human behavior in many new ways than usual. It shares interesting stories about different things we all do. It covers why people cheat on taxes or why some wrestlers are big. It also throws light on why certain things are illegal in some places but legal in others.

This documentary is simply great because it makes us think differently about how people act. It makes us wonder about many concepts and in the end, we are left rethinking about what we know. It also shows us how unique and innovative thinking can solve problems. Through this documentary, we learn how small things matter in life and how they can help us advance our careers. A unique approach and a new viewpoint can help us build strong careers.


Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Now, who wouldn’t be interested in watching this one just by its name? This awesome documentary is about Steve Jobs, the man who changed technology in big ways and came up with products that we simply love and show as something great we own.

It shows how creative Steve Jobs was and how his focus was always on small things that lead to big innovations. He was open to experimenting, thought totally differently, and was not afraid to take risks because he knew that he had to be offbeat to develop unique products. And everything that he thought of reflects well in all Apple products. There is a lot to learn from this documentary as it helps us explore the life of a great business and tech leader who’s been the cornerstone of Apple as a brand.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi

The documentary tells the story of Jiro Ono. He’s a famous three-time Michelin-star winner from Japan known for being the best sushi chef ever. It shows how much he was focused on perfect sushi and the kind of effort he put into it to make it the tastiest. He focused on small things and was ready to sacrifice everything even on a personal front to get his work right.

He spends hours making sure the fish is perfect. He trained his helpers for several years before he allowed them to cook in his restaurant. We learn that it’s these small details that combine to form a big impact on our careers. If we master these, we can become masters of our trade, just like Jiro Ono. The documentary shows us that putting in our best effort, paying attention to every small detail, and being ready to sacrifice lead to greatness.


Don’t Look Down

The popular documentary is about Richard Branson, the man behind Virgin. It shows viewers how he overcame different problems and built an empire by being fearless and dedicated. We see his adventures and how his bold attitude made him go for the best choices in life. He set records crossing oceans in balloons and circling the world in one.

He also makes decisions quickly and does not hesitate in switching to plan B when needed. This has helped him in many business successes. The documentary shows that we have to act like Branson and carry a level of attitude where we see risks as a part of career success. We also learn that we have to be quick in our decisions and agile in our thoughts to achieve our career goals.



In a world full of different motivational stories, these five documentaries stand out as the best. They offer us great insights and provide the motivation that we usually miss in our professional lives. Each documentary offers unique lessons that you can apply to your career. You need to remember that learning from other’s experiences is a powerful way of achieving personal and professional growth. So, grab some popcorn and be ready to be inspired while watching TV (for a good reason).

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