10 Must-Watch Documentary Films on YouTube in 2023

Jul 14, 2023 | Articles

YouTube has come a long way in the almost two decades since it’s existed. Early adopters will know you cannot upload a video longer than ten minutes on the platform. Now, you can make a video as long as you want and upload it for the world to see. As such, YouTube has a treasure trove of documentaries you can watch daily. Let’s look at ten of them, and also, while you’re at it, see how buying YouTube views can improve your channel and its watchers.

The Flood

Let’s first look at a video from the king of animal documentaries: National Geographic. Their official channel has uploaded some gorgeous documentaries about the planet we live on, with The Flood being one such example. This documentary explores how a flood can transform a desert wasteland into an area teeming with wildlife with a diversity equal to a zoo. It’s quite interesting, and is great for those who love nature documentaries and animals.

Mysteries of the Universe

Let’s go from the Earth to the mysteries above it: space. Despite how fast technology expands, our understanding of space is merely a grain of sand in a vast ocean. This documentary, Mysteries of the Universe, is clear proof of that. This documentary digs deep, and it answers many of the questions a person has about where we came from, and universal origins. There is so much disagreement about how our universe started, and when you watch this documentary, you’ll understand why.

The Brady 6

We were curious to see what was the most-viewed documentary of all time on YouTube. This documentary was the one that currently has received the most views, with 25 million as of this writing. It covers the draft story of Tom Brady, a legendary football player who had a difficult beginning. If you’re a football fan, you should watch this. Even if you aren’t, it’s still worth watching, as his story inspires you regardless of where your life is going.

The Mom Who Became a Mass Killer

True crime documentaries are immensely popular on YouTube, and it’s easy to see why. We are all fascinated by the morbid and what humans can do if born under the wrong circumstances or through the wrong life experiences.

While there are many documentaries about twisted serial killing men, we believe your first exposure should come from learning about a mom, Jessica McCarty, who became a murderer. This documentary is done from a psychological perspective, perhaps helping you to understand what makes a woman like this tick.

Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History

The Internet has brought some eccentric people to the limelight, but one of the most infamous is the story of Chris-Chan, short for Christine Weston Chandler (formerly Christian.) Initially, Chris was an eccentric man with autism who created a comic book called Sonichu, a combination of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. However, years of Internet trolling and her own demons took their toll, with her life still being documented. Chris-Chan is considered one of the most documented human beings on the Internet, and the best way to describe that is knowing that one man, Geno Samuel, has a 77-part and counting documentary about this individual. If you want something to binge and want to dive into the weird side of the Internet, this may be worth a watch.

Investigating One of the Most Haunted Homes in America

Many of us love paranormal documentaries. We love speculating about the unknown, and even if we’re unsure if aliens, Bigfoot, or in this case, ghosts exist, it’s still fascinating to hear people’s experiences with them. One documentary you may want to check out is where Alice Jackson alleges the home she lived in is the most haunted ever. Even if you are a skeptic, this may make you change your mind.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

AI is perhaps the most prominent and most controversial technology in the 2020s. We currently live in a time where AI can create images, emulate people’s voices, and it is increasingly becoming something we used to believe was reserved for sci-fi. Since AI is quickly evolving, we believe that we should show a documentary that came out recently about it. Learn about the rise of AI, and decide for yourself if it’s a concern.

The Entire History of Video Games

Video game history is fascinating, from a handful of pixels on a screen to what we know today. With over 50 years of history, many documentaries have tried to cover it all, falling short.

Well, how about a six-hour documentary? That’s right. If you’re a gamer, this is well worth watching. It’s perfect for a monotonous day at work or a long gaming session at six hours. No matter where your gaming journey began, this documentary is worth watching.

World War II in Colour

World War II is a war that has had countless documentaries and for a good reason. From Hitler’s atrocities to nuclear bombings, it shows humanity at its worst. Not only that, but the fact this war was heavily documented because the video was accessible during this time certainly helps. However, the fact that it’s in black and white almost gives it an otherworldly feel. This documentary colorizes the footage and reminds you that this war happened relatively recently in the history of humans.

From Jesus to Christ

Finally, we end this with a multi-part documentary from PBS. From Jesus to Christ details the rise of Christianity and how it affected history as we know it. The documentary explores biblical and historical evidence, and even if you are not a Christian, learning its history is fascinating.



YouTube is home to endless documentaries. We chose these ten based on varying tastes and subject matter, and chances are, one may interest you. Click on it, and prepare to learn something. You may spend hours binging these documentaries, so be sure you have extra time or a long work day ahead of you.

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