Mexican Narco Cinema

Oct 8, 2023 | Art, Videos

Mexico’s underground filmmaking is often referred to as “narco cinema.” It takes its name from the drug trafficking culture that exists in the country and the stories feature cartels, assassinations, and a dark view of Mexican life. This genre of film has become increasingly popular over the last decade and there have been several documentaries made about narco cinema.

One such documentary is entitled Mexican Narco Cinema. The film explores this unique style of filmmaking through interviews with those involved in the industry, including directors, producers, actors, as well as a look inside the world of narco-traffickers. It offers an eye-opening insight into a dangerous underworld that has captivated Mexicans for years.

The documentary provides an informative look at how these films are made and what life is like for those involved in making them. Interviews with cartel members reveal a side to Mexico many people haven’t seen before. Through their testimonies, we gain an understanding of why narco-cinema persists despite critical reception from authorities and mainstream audiences alike.

The documentary includes interviews with filmmakers who share their challenges in making these films and how they’ve managed to make them successful. The interviews also discuss themes such as violence, drug trafficking, lawlessness, poverty – all topics which are addressed in narco-cinema movies.

Mexican Narco Cinema offers a fascinating glimpse into a rarely discussed topic. It’s essential viewing for anyone wanting to learn more about Mexican culture and gain an understanding of why these movies exist despite not being approved by authorities or mainstream media outlets. With gripping stories and captivating characters, it’s sure to entice viewers into exploring this unique form of filmmaking further!

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David B