Corona in Italy

Jun 15, 2023 | Health, Social, Videos

The documentary captures a deserted Venice, a city scarred by the pandemic. Wearing protective masks and gloves, Markus Frings and Marco Polo from South Tyrol gained special permission to capture a northern Italy devastated by coronavirus. They filmed nighttime disinfection crews and the locals adjusting to this abnormal new reality.
Cameraman Marco opens up about how his family in Bolzano coped with closed schools and restricted movement. In interviews with virologists, local businesses and residents, the film exposes the impact of COVID-19 on this once thriving city. Despite the darkness, we see Italians adjusting to this new normality, embodying the familiar resilience of humankind. Get ready for a gripping cinematic experience as this compelling documentary immerses you in a changed world that is still adapting to the effects of the pandemic.

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David B