The 11 Best Documentaries About The Monitor Lizard

Aug 24, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Are you fascinated by the magnificence of Monitor Lizards? Are you interested to know more about their habitats and behaviors? If so, then these 11 documentaries are a must watch. From exploring various species of Monitor Lizards to going on an incredible journey with a giant monitor lizard around the world – these documentaries provide an in-depth look at one of nature’s most interesting creatures. Dive into the fascinating world of Monitor Lizards and learn about their unique behaviors, habitats, threats and more with these 11 best documentaries about Monitor Lizards. Prepare to be amazed by the majestic Monitor Lizard!


1. Officially Moving the First Monitor Lizards

Today we are making history! We are officially moving four monitor lizards from the Jupiter house to HQ2 in Okeechobee. Jane, Joanne, Blackbeard and Lilly will soon call this new home their own! Justin and his mom were kind enough to lend us a helping hand with the process and it all went surprisingly smooth, aside from a few minor mix-ups at the end. We hope these four furry friends enjoy living in their new home! Our relocation of the monitor lizards to HQ2 is a momentous occasion for us and we are sure these guys will be just as excited as we are! Be sure to keep an eye out for updates on how they are settling into Okeechobee! We can’t wait to share the stories that come from this amazing relocation.


2. Crocodile Vs Monitor Lizard – Battle For Territory

Monitor lizards are fascinating creatures, boasting unique features that allow them to survive in harsh environments. They possess an adaptive hunting strategy to capture prey, utilizing a mix of diving and stalking techniques. Their powerful jaws and sharp claws give them the advantage over their opponents in animal fights. In addition to this, monitor lizards also pose a threat to other species by preying on their eggs. They are known to be stealthy and patient while searching for lizard burrows, using their sharp senses to detect hidden egg caches. Once they find one, they use brute strength to enter the den and feast on the eggs inside.


3. Tracking The Tree Crocodile In Indonesia’s Forests : The Biggest Lizard In The World

Embark on an expedition to uncover the truth behind the Tree Crocodile. Join two adventurers as they cross lands, oceans and mountains to reach Irian Jaya – a remote Indonesian island home to one of nature’s most mysterious creatures. Shrouded in legend for centuries, this giant lizard has left its mark on locals who live in fear of its deadly claws. Unearth the secrets of this mysterious beast as we explore Batanta Island – a wild paradise untouched by modern civilization. Discover the truth behind the locals’ tales and observe firsthand the massive claw marks left on trees around the island. Journey deep into jungles and to graveyards full of skulls to uncover if this legendary monster is more than just a story. Join us on this daring safari to investigate the world’s largest lizard, the Tree Crocodile of Irian Jaya. See for yourself if this giant creature is real and uncover its secrets as we embark on an amazing adventure!



Savannah Monitors are captivating lizards with fascinating personalities, making them one of the most beloved pet reptiles around the world. But do we really know how to properly care for them in our homes? To answer this question and gain a better understanding of Savannah Monitors in their natural habitat, I recently embarked on an exciting journey to Ghana and Togo in West Africa. I was looking forward to seeing these lizards in their natural habitat and discovering how to best care for them in captivity. Upon my arrival, I was fortunate enough to witness a variety of behaviors from the Savannah Monitors – from basking in the sun to searching for food to interacting with one another. These observations provided me with special insight into their behavior and ecology, giving me the opportunity to better understand their needs in captivity. It was an incredible experience learning about the Savannah Monitors, and I’m excited to share with you all of the amazing things I saw and discovered on my journey. Join me as I explore Ghana and Togo for the best documentary yet – Documetarytube: The Best Documentaries About Monitor Lizards!



If you’re curious about the world of lizards, then a trip to Mike’s Monitors is an absolute must! From incredible reptiles to stunning amphibians, this reptile room tour has it all. Not only will you get to take in the sights and sounds of these amazing creatures – but also, Mike’s extensive knowledge and experience with monitor lizards makes him a perfect guide. With his vast array of equipment and knowledgeable staff, you’ll come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for these incredible lizards. Whether you’re just curious or an avid reptile enthusiast, Mike’s Monitors has something for everyone! Get ready to have your mind blown by the wonders of these amazing animals!


6. Keeping Huge Monitor Lizards UP NORTH!

If you’re fascinated by reptiles, you don’t want to miss this video! Tyler Loftin, the reptile whisperer from Kansas, has an amazing collection of monitor lizards. He has both the huge black throat monitor lizard and Cuban rock iguanas in his impressive collection. Not only does Tyler have a knack for reptile care, but he also gave me my own crocodile monitor lizard, Lagertha. You can’t find anyone like Tyler in the North! Come join us and subscribe to Kamp Kenan for an insightful look into Tyler’s world of reptiles. His passion for keeping these creatures shines through every word he says. You won’t want to miss out on this incredible journey of reptile conservation and care!


7. Monitor Lizard Mania today!

Let’s take a trip to meet the monitor lizards today! Inky, Pinky, Slinky, Bobby and the black throats – it’s time for us to show them some love. We’ll bring along food for them so they can enjoy their day too. Join us and get to know these amazing creatures even better! Who knows? Maybe you will find a new friend today. It’ll be an adventure of sorts – exploring the amazing diversity and beauty of monitor lizards in their natural habitat. We can watch them as they move around, interacting with each other and the environment. It’s sure to be a sight to behold! Don’t forget your camera for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


8. Family Adopts a Monitor Lizard After a Lucid Dream

Situated amidst the expanse between Borneo and the Moluccas, the Bugis people reside in Sulawesi, at the very heart of the Indonesian archipelago. Consequently, the island swiftly emerged as an indispensable hub for spice traders traversing the region. Embedded within the local lore, a profound reverence and affection are bestowed upon monitor lizards. Once upon a time, in the realm of the Bugis, a queen gave birth to twins—one of whom was a monitor lizard. Though the human infant met an untimely demise, the reptilian sibling persevered. Ahim, a native of Sulawesi, encountered a monitor lizard resting upon the threshold of his family abode. Subsequently, he experienced a dream, wherein the monitor lizard, named Ali, was envisioned as the long-lost twin sister of his own child. Driven by this revelation, Ahim’s family resolved to embrace the lizard as kin and extend a warm welcome into their home.


9. Training a Monitor Lizard with the Mink Man!

Today I’m heading over to Joseph Carter’s place, the mink man. I’m excited to learn about his craft and see how he uses the skills he applies with his mammal pets to train his beloved Argus monitor lizard. Will the same feeding tricks work for all these animals? Join me as we take a journey into kamp Kenan and explore the secrets of minkenry. Who knows what we’ll discover about Joseph’s furry and scaly friends? Subscribe to Kamp Kenan today and join us on our journey!


10. New Giant Monitor Lizards Move into the Kamp!

Kamp Kenan is now home to some new and exciting residents – my friends giant black throat monitor lizards! These amazing creatures will have provided a fascinating addition to Buttercup’s habitat enclosure, with plenty of space for them to explore. The lizards’ natural charm and beauty will make for an exciting experience here at Kamp Kenan. Whether they are basking in the sun or enjoying the natural habitat that has been created for them, they will be a great addition to our environment.


11. Croc Monitor Lizard Feeding Turns into Incredible Interaction!

I had the privilege of capturing an amazing moment with my phone between Lagertha, my monitor lizard, myself and my elongated tortoise! This footage is a must-see for anyone who keeps reptile pets. From the bright colors of the monitor lizard to the gentle and hospitable demeanor of the turtle, this video will bring out your inner wildlife photographer! There’s something special about watching these two unlikely creatures interact with each other, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. So grab your camera and capture your own reptilian moment! Who knows, you might find yourself in the next Best Documentaries About Monitor Lizard!

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