The 10 Best Documentaries About Animals

Jul 21, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Do you love animals? Let’s explore the beauty of our furry friends with these amazing documentaries! This video will showcase the best documentaries about animals, highlighting their unique characteristics and habitats. We’ll take a look at some incredible stories that show how extraordinary our animal kingdom is. Join us on this journey into the wild and learn more about some of nature’s most fascinating creatures!


1. Japan’s Secret Water garden – David Attenborough | National Geographic Documentary 2023

Take a journey with David Attenborough to uncover Japan’s hidden water gardens, and explore the ancient traditions that have been preserved for centuries. From lush vegetation to vibrant koi carp, experience the beauty of these secret oases as National Geographic takes you on an adventure in 2023! Learn about the history behind these tranquil havens and how they are maintained today. Discover why Japanese culture reveres nature in this stunning documentary.


2. Spits & Stings | Animal Armory

The animal kingdom has a range of unique tools used for self-defense and hunting. From the walrus using its spitting ability to feed, to the cobra’s venomous saliva, these creatures have developed powerful weapons to protect themselves or find food. Animal Armory takes us on an exploration into how these animals use their mighty instruments of destruction with absolute precision – from the jawfish that uses its spit as a home defense system, to the bees that will give up their lives in order to attack any threat; from jellyfish trawling through oceans with stingers, to echidnas protected by needle-like spines; and even stingrays wielding barbed tails and paralyzing centipedes.


3. Our Planet | One Planet

This documentary takes you on an incredible journey to explore the beauty of our planet and understand how climate change affects all living creatures. You’ll see some spectacular sights as we examine the impact of global warming, and learn more about how it’s impacting life around us. Join us on a trip around the world to experience nature in its fullest glory!


4. Our Planet | From Deserts to Grasslands

Explore the breathtaking beauty of our planet and discover how climate change is affecting all creatures in this incredible documentary. Get a glimpse of nature’s wonders and understand the consequences of global warming on living beings through this ambitious project that captures stunning visuals from around the world!


5. Leopard’s Rock

Saba is a force of nature that rules the Savage Kingdom. She is an independent and powerful leopard, with no rival in sight. But when she brings two cubs into her kingdom, her strength and resilience are pushed to their limits as she fights for them to survive. Follow Saba’s journey as she faces challenges that test her ability to protect not only herself but also those who need it most.


6. The Flood (Full Episode) | SPECIAL

The Okavango Delta is a unique habitat that miraculously changes every year with the arrival of floodwaters. It’s home to an incredible array of wildlife, from big cats and elephants to birds and fish. In this amazing documentary, we explore this diverse region and its inhabitants in stunning detail! See how each species has adapted to survive in one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth.


7. 4K African Wildlife

Are you looking for a way to relax and escape into the beauty of nature? Look no further than this documentary series! Our stunning 4K footage shows animals in their natural habitats, accompanied by calming piano music. Take a break from your daily life and get lost in the pure beauty of wildlife with our documentaries!


8. A 4K Journey into the Realm of Colorful Birds

Discover the amazing variety of bird species from around the world! In this documentary, you’ll encounter a stunningly diverse array of birds with captivating colors and intricate patterns. From parrots with flamboyant plumage to hummingbirds adorning their wings, each frame is an ode to nature’s extraordinary palette. Embark on a visual odyssey as you explore these magnificent creatures!


9. The Harp Seal’s Race Against Time

Follow us on an incredible journey to the icy Gulf of St. Lawrence, home to thousands of harp seals! We’ll explore this unique oasis away from their main predator, the polar bear. But with a rapidly changing climate, these seal pups face a race against time; they have just 10 days to drink as much milk as possible and start swimming before their mothers abandon them on melting ice. If they don’t learn how to swim in that short period, the consequences could be devastating for future generations of pups. Join us now and discover what makes this species so special!


10. Arctic and Antarctic: Polar World

The Arctic and Antarctic regions are some of the most hostile places on Earth, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming home to some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife. After months of darkness and ice, winter finally loosens its grip and creatures such as polar bears and penguins emerge into a perpetual winter wonderland. Watch this video to explore these majestic animals in their natural habitat while learning about how they have adapted to survive in one of the coldest places on earth!

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