Why in the World are they Spraying

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"This documentary takes an in depth look at the phenomena of releasing chemicals into the atmosphere in order to in some way alter the weather on the planet. Although widely refute by politicians around the world there is a growing body of evidence that this is indeed happening.

Furthermore it is having a catastrophic affect upon the rest of the planetary resources. Documentarytube released “What in the World are they Spraying” and this has seen considerable interest from many sources and this revealing documentary opens the subject even further.

Thousands of people are noting that the planet’s weather is dramatically changing and we can all witness the jet like vapour trails left behind aircraft. The general consensus is that these represent the reality of chemtrail/geo-engineering programs to adjust the weather and subsequently play into the hands of those corporations which will benefit and seek to control resource and mankind.

The documentary investigates links between the trails and severe weather across the planet. Political agendas exist too ensure these programmes continue in their destructive way…some corporation will benefit at the detriment of many. Evidence is widespread and pointing directly to geo-engineering being used to control the weather.

Aerosols are sprayed into our sky and are used in conjunction with other mechanisms to modify our weather. The majority of geo-engineers maintain that their models are only designed to combat the affects of global warming but it is now further evident this control can convey massive amount of fiscal and political power into the clutches of the few in power.

Control of the weather is like a Midas touch to those who wield the power…..the resultant will be further wealth where it is not needed to the detriment of millions of poor and needy around the world…this should not be allowed to continue.

You can watch our other valid documentary “What in the world are they Spraying” by clicking this link.

Further information on Chem Trails can be found here http://educate-yourself.org/ct/"

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