The Story of One

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Our world is based on the numbers and the first was the number 1. From scratch to the bone and direction through the Greek philosophers to the development of Roman numerals and Arabic number system that feeds through the numbers we use today.

Using the presentation style semi-comedian Terry Jones, the film is based on two key aspects. The main part of the film is based on the story of Jones, the words being said. Without being distant or difficult to access, the film tells the story of a fascinating and enlightening – never go into too much detail, but doing enough to actually make you feel like you have learned something and have a broad knowledge base in the going out and get more information.

The other aspect is the delivery style – colorful, irreverent and fun. Most of this work and the graphics and comedy to add entertainment value to the film without removing the content interesting, but sometimes the numbers get constant computer a bit annoying and I want it to be very cheerful and populist,but I guess I was damned if he does and damned if you do not.

Jones is a good presenter, because it addresses these two together – it looks really attracted to the subject while having fun. He is perfect for the comprehensive approach, while also reducing some chunky bit of trivia (the word comes from the bankruptcy of the Italian justice system punishes a banker cheating by breaking the table, or Italian to be zero as suspicious as a sign that his original name gives us the word “key” at present).

In general, it can disturb the spectator away from intellectual documentaries, covered in mathematics and science, but this film succeeds in presenting the potentially boring topic, so lively and fun than the audience it deserves to win. Maybe a little too populist, at times, is still very interesting and enjoyable and is the type of program that almost makes you think that the BBC is fulfilling its public service charter.

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