The Serial Killers: Ted Bundy

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This documentary is looking into the life and death of the most notorious and most feared serial killer in America. The name that caused fear and panic, especially in women, was Ted Bundy.

Ted Bundy was a serial killer who left a grizzly death toll of 28 victims, all of them were women. He had an IQ of about 124, which is well above the average. The phrase ‘serial killer’ was first used and pinned to Ted Bundy in order to characterize his gruesome deeds.

There is evidence that he is responsible for the deaths of 28 women, and is suspected of killing more than 33. Bundy claims that he has murdered over a hundred women. Five women managed to evade and survive Bundy`s attack. Despite the law that does not permit conjugal visits to inmates on a death row, Bundy had a daughter with Carole Boone.

Before his trial was finished, Bundy agreed to cooperate with the authorities in a manner of providing a psychological insight into the mind of a serial killer. He provided his services in the case of the Green River Killer. Bundy managed to escape from prison on two occasions.

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