The Salem Witches

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The Salem witch trials are hearings and prosecutions of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and 1963. People feared they were in danger of the witch conspiracy and decided to start a witch hunt and execute the ones accused of the crime witchcraft. The society of this time was afraid of the ones using witchery and curses and they were threatened by them if they don’t do what they say.

The witch trials resulted in the executions of twenty people, nineteen of them were hanged and one was hard and forcefully punished, most of the victims were women. Some of these deceased were members of North England Churches and about fifty more confessed to being witches. They accused 200 more people of being witches and started a hunt for them, managing to execute and imprison some of them.

The first person accused of witchcraft was Abigail Williams also called Tituba and she accused others of witchery in her confession. Tituba had her followers and worshipers and she managed to scare the whole village of Salem by telling them Satan was among them.

Today Witchery is considered as a medical disorder including hysteria, ergotism, encephalitis and sleep paralysis.

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