The iPod Revolution

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‘The iPod Revolution’ gives a succinct yet all encompassing snapshot of how Apple was infused with a new life in the hands of the legendary Steve Jobs and took the world by storm by redefining the music industry and taking over the mp3 market creating an entry barrier for the rest of the players.

Steve Job’s foresight made the digital music revolution bigger than anyone could envisage. Apple currently has the largest online music store apart from being the market leader of digital players; to date Apple holds over an 85% market share for electronic music and has sold over half a billion tracks.

The foundation and strength of this company is Innovation and beating the expectations of what the common man could only dream of! It seems ironical now that the idea of iPods was initially rejected by most of the companies given that they considered it to be just an overpriced CD player!

The reason for Apple’s success can be attributed to its streamline packaging integrating both the player and music together. It is not just the product but also the marketing strategy that Apple followed that ensured that Apple retains its market leadership and keeps a very high entry-barrier for all other players in the market.

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