TED Talks: Sarah Silverman: A new perspective on the number 3000

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TED, short for Technology, Entertainment and Design, is a set of conferences held globally by the non-profit private Sapling Foundation, under the motto "Ideas Worth Spreading". TED was established in 1984 as a coincidental occasion and the yearly gathering arrangement started in 1990. TED's initial accentuation was innovation and configuration, reliable with its Silicon Valley birthplaces, however it has following grown its center to incorporate chats on numerous investigative, social and scholastic themes.

The primary TED meeting is held yearly in Vancouver, British Columbia, and its sidekick TEDActive is held in Whistler, B.C. Preceding 2014, the two meetings were held in Long Beach and Palm Springs, California, individually. TED occasions are additionally held all through North America and in Europe and Asia, offering live gushing of the discussions.

They address an extensive variety of subjects inside the exploration and practice of science and society, frequently through narrating. The speakers are given a greatest of 18 minutes to present their thoughts in the most imaginative and connecting with ways they can. Past speakers incorporate Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell, Al Gore, Gordon Brown, Richard Dawkins, Richard Stallman, Bill Gates, Bono, Mike Rowe, Google authors Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and numerous Nobel Prize winners. TED's current guardian is the British writer and magazine editor Chris Anderson.

If you enjoyed this documentary and would like to see more TED talks, click here.

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