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Weight loss surgery. Despite the risks, people are lining up to solve their weight problems in the operating room. And if the latest device – an implantable stomach pacemaker – is resolved, millions more will be out of a surgery.

Cars that think. The fully automatic car may be in the future one way, but cars making their way of thinking that is just around the corner – watch out for hazards, they listen, read lips, do not even know when distracted.

Going Deep. A review of decades of effort that culminated in the deep sub Alvin reaching the ocean floor, and a look into what Alvin is now retiring.

Chimpanzee minds. A visit to a contract if the rebel group of cousins who formally broke with about 6 or 7 million years ago – with whom we share almost all our genes, but not much of our lifestyle. Why the difference? Maybe it’s the way we learn.

Hot Planet – Cold Comfort. So you think global warming will not affect you? Wait until the great Atlantic Conveyor shuts down. And find out what is already happening in Alaska.

Hydrogen Hopes. Hydrogen can be the fuel of the future, but what it takes to safely and effectively in the transition from fossil fuels today?

The ulterior motives. If you think you know why you do things, you are probably wrong. How does the unconscious mind determines human behavior?

Secret Canyon. The best kept secret of American archeology is now revealed – an entire canyon of perfectly preserved 1,000-year-old continues.

Cybersenses. Polymer material senses and people are now a reality. Children as young as 12 months are already getting artificial hearing – while the first trials of electronic retinas for the blind are just beginning.

Pals robot. To be truly useful, robots need to behave as cooperative partners rather than mindless machines. We will meet three robots – as a future member of an astronaut team – that are trying to understand better.

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